August 6, 2011

The Price You Pay For Being A Ride or Die Chic

I write a lot of blogs about a lot of different things.  I mainly try to cater to all audiences.  I write a lot about the gangsters of 1970's to the 1990's era.  But, I never fill you guys in on the females in these men lives.  For instance, I never tell you what happens to the women or how they lives have changed if they did change.  Well, I'm going to share a few stories now for you. 
Everyone is familiar with the story of Bumpy Johnson.  If you seen Hoodlum you seen Lawrence Fishbourne portray the role of Bumpy Johnson.  The movie takes place in Harlem and allegedly based on the life of Ellswood "Bumpy" Johnson. 
Bumpy Johnson was born October 31,1905 in Charleston, SC.  He was given the nickname Bumpy because of a big bump on the back of his head. At the age of 10 his older brother, Willie was accused of killing a white man.  Afraid that he would be lynched their parents mortgaged their home and sent Wille up North to live with relatives.  Not long after, Bumpy was sent North as well because of his temper and intolerance of white people.  He stayed with his older sister, Mabel in Harlem, New York. 

This is where the legendary, Bumpy Johnson earned the title as a Harlem legend.  He was friends with many Harlem luminaries such as, Bojangles, Billie Holiday, and Sugar Ray Robinson.  Also, it's rumored that he had a brief fling with Lena Horne.  But, even the beautiful Lena Horne couldn't take the spot in his heart for 34-year-old Mayme Hatcher.  In 1948 he met Mayme Hatcher at Frasier's Restaurant on Seventh Avenue in Harlem.  The couple married married six months later.  Bumpy  died of heart failure on Sunday, July 7, 1968 at age 62. Many years later documentaries came out about another Harlem gangster named, Frank Lucas.  Frank Lucas speaks of great praises of how Bumpy Johnson was more than a mentor to him.  In fact, he said numerous times that Bumpy Johnson was like a father to him.  He even says that Bumpy died in his arms.  But, Bumpy Johnson's widow, Mayme tells a different story.  She accuses Frank of being a liar and even wrote a book about her deceased husband named, "Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth "Bumpy"
Johnson," Where is Mayme now?  Sadly, after moving to Philadelphia in 2003 she died of respiratory failure. She was 94 years old. Check out interview below of Mayme Hatcher Johnson, the widow of Bumpy Johnson......

Although, this next person isn't dead he still has a wife that was left chasing a dream.  Frank Lucas was born September 9, 1930 in La Grange, North Carolina.  He grew up in Greensboro, NC.  He barely had any formal education when he moved to Harlem, NY.  He was a constructor of an international drug empire that spanned from New York to Southeast Asia.  Of course, this led to power.  He was street rich.  This brought on popularity and respect. 
It also brought abroad Frank's wife, Julianna Farrait.  In 2007, Denzel Washington portrayed the role of Frank Lucas in a movie about Frank's life named, "American Gangster".  His wife, Julianna was portrayed by actress, Lymari Nadal.  In a 2008 interview Julianna admits to always being attracted to danger.  She met Frank Lucas shortly after leaving Puerto Rico in 1969.  Allegedly, she knew nothing about Frank's drug dealing until a year after they were dating.  She claims that she left him once after fighting over his dealings with drugs.  She was fascinated with the exotic trips, expensive jewelry, and fancy cars.  Well, apparently Julianna was spoiled from her life with Frank and decided that she wouldn't give it up under any circumstances. 
Julianna Farrait was arrested after officials said she tried to sell 2 kilograms of cocaine at  a hotel in Puerto Rico.  Julianna Farrait, 70, appeared in court last year and  did not say anything except to request that the judge speak to her in Spanish. She was charged with conspiracy to violate the narcotics law.  In a recorded conversation on May 11, Farrait allegedly told an informant she had two kilograms of cocaine in Puerto Rico and that another suspect had an additional eight kilograms for buyers, according to the complaint.  On May 19, Farrait allegedly met with an informant at a hotel room in the Isla Verde and unveiled the drugs. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration then entered the room and arrested her, the complaint stated.  Federal agents in New York had been following Farrait since February 2009 with help from an informant, according to the complaint.  I guess stupidity doesn't have an age requirement.
A lot of you have followed the story of Harlem's Drug Kingpin, Nicky Barnes.  For those who don't know who he is, I'll give you a brief description.  Nicky Barnes is an ex-heroin addict who kicked his habit after being incarcerated  only to become one of the world's biggest heroin dealers.  He ran with a tight crew and fancied the bedroom of many ladies.  Of course, all good things benefited from evil comes to an end.  He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.  Instead of doing his time he decided to rat (snitch) on his friends.  He stated that the only reason he snitched is because his crew went against the rules that they had set for themselves as a group.  His wife was accused of carrying on an affair with a member of his crew.   Fair to say that his time was cut short and he was placed in a witness protection program. Well, this story doesn't just end with two women left behind in wicked situations.  Nicky Barnes reveals in his book, “Mr. Untouchable.” Despite being in prison, former drug lord Nicky Barnes was involved with two very attractive black women, Tee and Shamecca. Barnes had one of his associates on the outside buy Shamecca a BMW and Tee found out about it. 

Tee got a glimpse of Shamecca in a Harlem restaurant. She parked her car, stormed in the restaurant and gave Shamecca a beatdown. After they were separated, Shamecca left the restaurant, got into her car and drove off. Out of nowhere, Tee rammed her BMW, a full-on collision. The women got out of their cars and began fighting again. Bystanders had to break them up.
A few weeks later, Tee visited Barnes in jail and told him, “Your little bitch Shamecca was out with your protégé Guy Fischer, center photo above, at a basketball game. They were kissing and she was rubbing her fingers though his hair.” Barnes thought Tee was trying to start trouble because she was jealous until a week later, when a friend confirmed the same thing. Barnes also found out that Guy was hogging all the money from the other guys and had bought two Mercedes Benz’s, a Rolls Royce and a Lear Jet to take weekend shopping excursions to Paris.
To make matters worse, he found out that Tee was now messing around with a guy named Tito and this man had moved into the penthouse Barnes had bought Tee, Barnes was infuriated.
During this time, the DEA sent Barnes a manila folder. He opened the envelope and saw photos of Guy eating with Shamecca, kissing her and holding on to her at a basketball game. The envelope also contained the following information: In 1977, during Nicky and Guy’s Federal trial, although Nicky was locked up because his bail had been revoked, Guy was out on bail and Nicky instructed him to find out which juror had financial problems and offer that person $100,000 to rule in their favor. He learned that Guy found a juror, paid her off and instructed her to get him off, only. Barnes was furious and vowed to bring Guy Fisher down!
This was the moment that Barnes decided to snitch on his entire organization. He also planned to get back at Tee and Shamecca for cheating on him.
Due to Barnes’ information, everyone in the organization received indictments, including Tee and Shamecca.
Shamecca was out on $50,000 bail and was sitting at the Monarch Tavern in Washington Heights when a guy came from behind in a white ski mask, shooting her in the neck and the back of the head with a .45, killing her. Witnesses thought it was a black man who wore a white mask. Barnes says, they were right, although I did not order this hit, my nephew Mellon carried out this job. He got so entrenched with the Italian mafia and Shamecca knew a few secrets about his operation, he didn’t want her to rat on him or his Italian friends. When an Italian supplier told him, if he carried out the hit, Gotti and the Brooklyn crew would be endeared to him. Mellon jumped at the chance to impress Gotti.
Around this time, Barnes’ learned that Guy Fisher (the new kingpin) and the organization, known as ‘The Council,’ had put out an $8 million dollar contract on his life and his children’s life. Guy allegedly wanted Barnes’ entire family taken out.
Meanwhile, Tee pled guilty to running a heroin ring and got a 10-year sentence. She also turned over $10 million dollars of Barnes’ money to the Feds. Barnes’ wondered, where was the rest of the money? The money he left in hundreds of safe deposit boxes all over the world. He figured, Tee probably got greedy and kept that money for herself.
The Feds also told Tee that they would reduce her sentence if she testified against John Gotti, she declined, she was too scared and she remembered what happened to Shamecca.

Well, as always it's been a pleasure.  I want to send out a big thank you for those who consistently support my blog.  You are the greatest.  May God comfort all of you and bless you abundantly...Peace..

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