April 30, 2010


Earlier today, I made three post regarding relationships. The first post was What would you do if your mate cheated on you?  Then, I posted another asking why men cheat.  But, the response for "What is the craziest thing that you done after catching your mate cheating on you?" was unbelievable.  I came to the conclusion that us women are crazy and emotional creatures.  These stories are hilarious.  I am going to let you judge for your self. 

What would you do if your mate cheated on you? Serious replies only.

Lisa Perry What we always do cry

Juan Moses i would they ass b with the person they cheated on me with! I'm sorry but i don't give 2nd chances with that because if i let u do it once....Ur ass will think its OK 2 do it again. if i wasn't enough for u than i never will be!

Traci Kinsler This is one of those situation that can only be answered if it happens but if it would happen I would probable leave him and kick his a**. For real!

Sean Bodybeat Miller Lmao@Curtis man I done cheated on my baby so much she pack my condoms like lunch when I go to work

.Curtis Fbking Williams LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL@ Sean that's because lunch is who you cheating on her wit lmaololololol
Brandi Adams If I caught my dude cheating I just leave fuck
Terrence Vick at this point in my life and not married, i would just leave, unless i saw them in my house ,,then some ass has to be kicked,,,but fuck it move on...and do one of her girlfriends i know they be wanting me. lol
Sean Bodybeat Miller Nigger please ain't no chicks wanting ya old ass they like this young meat
Terrence Vick kill yourself ONE.

Curtis Fbking Williams Terrance man cool out lol you know damn well ya old ass ain't getting no ass


Terrence Vick I WILL keep that on the hush you might get upset

Brandi Adams That sounded very GAY

Terrence Vick no i might bring up his girl that's going to make him upset,,hows that @ Brandi,,,and don't ever think that...I'll show you
.Sean Bodybeat Miller Man my wife can cheat all she want as long as that nigger ain't fatter then me
Brandi Adams Naw Terence I was talkin bout John lmao

 .Sean Bodybeat Miller Brandi stop Lying you was talkin bout that nigger

 .Terrence Vick @Brandi my bad,,,we still cool right...fine self.
Curtis Fbking Williams LOLOLOL @Sean aye terance brandi smell like fish you don't want that homie
.Marlene Lockhart lol.... @Rocky I would just leave the relationship.no forgiveness
Chalita C Watkins If my mate cheated I don't think there would be NE room for a mate NE more...but it may be a reasonable explanation. So I would listen then pop my lid
Curtis Fbking Williams Marlane you better not leave that nigger that's how you can end up missing girl

.Curtis Fbking Williams Smh @ Chalita first for having a name like that then for actually listing to uh nigga explain why his dick was in another women mouth lol

Marlene Lockhart @CURTIS...Id have 2 leave or he'd end up missing
Y DO MEN CHEAT?????????·

Malik Leafeater Muhammad Why not?

.Lisa Perry  Y do women cheat????

.Jamel Blair  Because women cheat!

.Lisa Perry   lies women cheat because they were cheated on

.Jamel Blair  That argument could go either way!

 .Lisa Perry  no because if a man cheats on a women the women cries pouts but she takes him back so he    can do it again.... if a women cheats on a man the relationship is over he don't want her anymore

Rasheema Kearney  I agree with Lisa on this one bcuz if a wmn cheats we r considered damaged goods.

· .Jamel Blair Not true all the time! Sometimes that exactly what happens 2 a man! Or a woman take him back just 2 treat him like shit or so she can tell him about the situation every time she gets a chance!

.Rasheema Kearney  @Jamel that only happens when a man constantly dog a wmn out. Then its open 4 retaliation

Lisa Perry  not only that Roc he knows your skills so he don't want you doing to no other guy what you do to him (wink wink)

.Rasheema Kearney  I luv that Lisa it was the best answer i heard 2day.

.Jamel Blair  @Roc and Lisa The same thing can go the other way!

·.Lisa Perry  Jamel that's the point she will take him back it doesn't have to be good but shoe on the other foot it wont happen

.Jamel Blair  I see what u mean! Maybe 7 times out of 10 that might happen! Majority of the time he won't take her back! But sometimes it happens the other way around!


 Malik Leafeater Muhammad  Men cheat bcuz we can women cheat bcuz they have been cheated on


.Renee Washington  Not true women cheat because of not being satisfied men cheat to get notches on there belts think about it back in the day how many girls around the way were friends but they have the same baby daddy lamo.

.Curtis Fbking Williams  Why do women cheat

  .Muhammed Hamza Aziz SIMPLE..WOMEN!!


Syeeta SoSygettinmoney Harris BECAUSE THEY R DOGS & JERKS!!!!!!!!!!

.Malik Leafeater Muhammad Eatin aint cheatin

Jamel Blair It only happened 2 me once and I almost lost my mind but regained my composure quickly and from then on I was better at decisions!

 .Denise Cottman Punch him in the mouth an gave him stitches

.Lisa Perry you mean like the time I boiled Crisco and put grits in it and poured it on Alex or the time I bit the tip of his penis off and his mom took him to the ER

Chanese DoingMe Andrews O boy which time...lol...i caught my baby dad talkin to a chick and hit him wit a 4x4 and he lost consciousness then i picked him up, put him ova my shoulder, put him in the car and took him to mcp (ima changed woman now lol)

.Syeeta SoSygettinmoney Harris I befriended his bitch and had her meet me at fkd terminal and checked that hoe in the hospital and when that ass hole got home the whole apartment was cleared out.

 .Curtis Fbking Williams I took my girl by her hair and dragged her to her moms house last time she cheated

 .Damita Smith pulled a gun (his ) on him...smh

Rasheema Kearney @muhammed we not talking bout Curtis mom and u damn well Curtis look like u

Syeeta SoSygettinmoney Harris LOL @ MUHAMMAD AND DAMN LISA! U BIT THE PETER TIP? Lol
Sean Bodybeat Miller Lisa lmao you nasty the last time my girl cheated I made her get on her knees and marry MYYYY DICKKKKK. Before we go any further I want you to click on this link and view the man behind this comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iML976x5f70

Rasheema Kearney  yo y'all r frigging crazy. @chanese u took the cake. @least u had some compassion but then again u took him 2 mcp
Rasheema Kearney Sean stop lying b4 i post the you tube video of u looking 4 ur penis @muhammed at least u found ur son Curtis on fb syeeta I'm glad it wasn't Damita because she packing

 .Rasheema Kearney and Curtis how u do all that n a suit

Denise Cottman Hey then I fucked him two days later an caught him again an gave him five stitches in his chest but I'm good now I left him alone an I've been happy every since wit my boo for nine years

Brandi Adams Sean you fat as shit and Muhammad I could uh swore I saw ya ass ride by my house today looking dirty as shit clean ya car bitch
Denise Cottman Hey then I fucked him two days later an caught him again an gave him five stitches in his chest but I'm good now I left him alone an I've been happy every since wit my boo for nine years
Sean Bodybeat Miller That nigga still wit you Sharon stop lying
Lisa Perry sorry about the graphics but they are true stories we didn't last much longer after that but we are friends now we do have 2 children and he asked for it by the way you do me dirty i get you back that the old Lisa. BTW i would not do that to mt boo now
Okay, people so there you have it.  Out of all these postings I came to the conclusion that the majority of people on face book are not playing with a full deck.  Again these topics are discussions are for the purpose of fun that's all.  Thanks you guys for your comments.  I must admit that you all are some crazy bastards. Be Blessed. Peace.

· .

April 27, 2010

Behinds The Walls Of The Obamas

I was sent some pictures via email of the Obama family.  These pictures speak a thousand unspoken words in my mind.  Come on readers let's keep it real.  Aren't you just a little curious of what actually goes down behind the walls of the white house.  I know that I am.  Well, you guys are in luck.  I have some exclusive!

On the picture posted above Michelle is thinking OMG he is half white.  Look how he dances. 

Now look at this one.  You remember when you were a kid and your mother told you not to do something and you still did it.  But, you guys were out in public so you would get the look.  I know you guys remember the look.  Check out this one below.

See, Michelle giving the tight smile but speaking through clenched teeth.  This is what she's saying.  "I'm going to kick your ass as soon as we get in the house.  I told you not to wear them colorful bracelets.  Especially, since the big write up on Oprah for what they signify"

Here's the one we all want to know.  Is Obama tapping that?  I'm not going to say anything.  But, you be the judge of this one.  Keep looking.  Fellas pick your bottom lip up and stop drooling on the keyboard.

Need I say anymore.  Did they really have to take a picture of her ass though.  Jeesh.  It's the first lady for heaven's sake.  But, you definitely know Obama is putting his thing down in the infamous "Oval Office".  Bill Clinton put that room on the map so there is no half stepping in the "Oval Office:".  OMG I just had an ephinany.  Imagine this in the "Oval Office" 

I guess what happens in the Oval Office stays in the Oval Office.  But, check out how Obama kisses Michelle on this picture.

Uh Huh, He is kissing her like it is going down, baby.  See that's how you think when you have a black president or maybe no sex life.  Anyhow, check out how all of that goes out the door when you see our first lady's reaction on this clipping. Click on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JmPMdOABQo
Michele is like wait to we get back to this white house and put the kids in their rooms.  It's on.  He forgot that he may be half white but, Michelle is all black and us sistas don't play that dance with my man crap.

Thanks you guys for supporting my blog and please don't take any of this personal.  I love our president and these flicks make me love the Obamas more.  Stay blessed people.

April 26, 2010

Three Tips To Get More Blog Traffic

This post is strictly for bloggers whom are looking to generate more traffic to their site.  I have three good leads that can help with tips on getting more traffic.  Now, that I put it out there it's up to you to use it.  But, I promise that you will leave each site with something.  Listed below are the links.  Click on and subscribe to these links posted.  It's very informative.

April 25, 2010


I think when a couple decide to part ways mutually it is whole lot better and reduces alot of tension.  But, the hardest break up is infidelity.  Then again, some of the places that we meet these jerks should always be a warning sign for the future.  If you meet a guy in church hopefully, you will remain in the church.  If you meert a man/woman in a club.  Sadly, they still will go to the club with the same intentions that they had for you in the first meeting from that club.  But, come on now THE PARTY LINE. 

Years ago someone met a man on the party line.  Strangely, they developed a relationship.  She began to visit her knew beau and the sex was amazing.  But, this was just too good to be true.  They broke up steming from theParty Line.  This guy actually had the nerve to still visit the party line.  Unbeknownst to him she had his pin number.  Oh this dude was a foreigner and apparently loved to spread his foreign penis.  That someone who name I can't mention because not only did they allow me to share the story but, I had to go through too much groveling for their permission.  Anyway, that someone called the next day to talk about their break-up.  Here's her words "Its over.  I caught that motherfucker on the party line again"  Duh, you met him there and now you're going to dump him there.

April 24, 2010

From The Mouths Of Babes

I have to beautiful boys of the age 8yrs old and 10months old.  My oldest baby, Malik is a whole mess.  You will never be shocked by the things that sometimes come out of his mouth.  I swear sometimes it feels like he has been on this earth many times before.  I'll never forget when Malik was 3yrs old and he just started daycare.  We were on the bus on our way home and Malik was tugging at me and kept saying "Mommy, Mommy I want a turn"  So I asked him what did he want a turn in because we weren't playing a game.  He then pointed in the direction of what he was talking about.  It was a man in a wheelchair.  My jaw dropped and if I could have made my son and myself invisible at that time I would have.  Thankfully, the passenger didn't take offense but, that was the beginning to my journey of explanations.  I had to and still do explain that sometimes we have to think about what we say.  But, that was funny.

April 22, 2010

Things That We Do On Facebook Out of Boredom

Have you ever noticed that alot of dumb things we do are out of boredom?  I know that when I am bored I do some crazy unthinkable things.  For one, I started this blog.  But, I am meeting alot of different people so that isn't a bad thing.  As I am sitting here indulging in one of my favorite reality television shows I thought of some of the top ten things that we do when we are bored.  Check below to see if we share the same vices.

  1. Checking Facebook status or notifications.  I know god darn well I am not the only person that check their status constantly.  If you do this more than once you are clearly bored.
  2. Look at former classmates or co-workers facebook pictures.  It's boring as hell but, bunk it I'm nosey.
  3. Check other people friend list to see how many friends that you have in common.
  4. Curse the monitor after reading other facebooker's post.  Facebook has the most non-spelling and no sense having members.
  5. Decipher people status meanings if I know them.  That really isn't a smart thing to do because someone always think that negative post have something to do with them.
  6. Search all of your boyfriend/girlfriend alias names to see if they have a facebook account.
  7. Join all types of dumb ass groups that doesn't make any sense.
  8. Play stupid games such as Sorrority Life or Mafia Wars.
  9. Check to see who's on line and instant message them over and over again.  That is so annoying. 
  10. Last but not least, read 1-9 on this post because either you were bored when you decided to read all of this or simply don't have a life @ all
Thank you guys so much for supporting my blog and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

April 21, 2010


In life I have learned that we have to go through things in order to get through things.  But, sometimes those things seem unbearable to get through.  One thing I'm positive about is that you will never get ahead if you don't complete the first task completely.  That door has to be completely closed because it will continue to pull you back.  This all leads into forgiving and letting go.  You can't forgive a person and still harbor the same thoughts that weren't resolved because you decided that you weren't going to close that door.  Trust me you'll get to the next door but your mind will be on the first door.  People need closure.  A couple of days ago my bestfriend and I were discussing an incident that happened to me last year that almost caused me my life.  I was wheeled into an emergency surgery a day after giving birth to my baby.  I was bleeding internally because a major artery was punctured.  The one time to find out if someone feelings are genuine for you is through illness, trouble, and time of need.  I remember those who were there for me and are truly appreciative for that.  But, I also remember who wasn't there for me more.  Yet in still, I am truly thankful for them not being their because what it did was confirm that they weren't in my corner from the beginning.  But,today I let it go and by me speaking on it, I am getting the closure that I needed at this very moment and it actually feels good.  Thank you guys so much for your support by reading my blog and I welcome all comments.

April 19, 2010

Patty's Why Do Black People Questions

Today, I had the opportunity to talk to a co-worker of mine about racial myths.  She had alot of
questions about the black race and was willing to share this with you guys.  Before anyone start sucking their teeth and rolling their necks, it isn't offensive at all.  She also has the right to know the answer to these questions.  So, don't start pulling out your pick with the balled up fist or putting on your Black Panther Logo t-shirts.  These are funny yet very interesting questions.  Also, my mother was kind and open-minded enough to answer these questions for Patty.  Please click on the link to hear Patty's questions and Fay's reponse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gNIN0qbfaw Patty's Questions
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXYf9066CcI Fay's Questions

Please post comments and answers for this topic.

April 18, 2010


The summer of 1993, I met a beautiful person that would prove the saying "You Could Have All The Money In The World And Still Unhappy".  I was a bridesmaid in my uncle's wedding when I met this guy.  He was also in the wedding party.  He was nice looking but hardly the type of man that I would normally be attracted to.  But, his persona screamed power, strength, and money.  We gave each other eye contact throught the evening.  Next thing I know he was sending an associate of his to my table requesting my attention.  Probably, wasn't the proper thing to do but I went anyway.  Again he wasn't the type of guy that would grab my attention so when I descibe him you'll see why.  He had parts throught his hair and EK glasses.  Hey, don't judge me.  He and I exchanged phone numbers and made plans to hangout the next day.  First of all, he had a driver and an entourage.  He NEVER traveled alone.  If we went to the movies, there were four guys in the row behinds us.  If we went to dinner best believe someone was either outside the restaurant or nearby at another table.  Anyway, back to our date.  A well respected radio personality was having a party at their home and was his guest.  It was nice and remember I am 17yrs old at this time fresh out of high school.  I was in awe with what I seen. Later down the road I will soon learn that I accompanied him on a drug deal.  SMDH.... I was so young and naive back then.  Him and I kicked it on a regular from that point on and I start to notice how controlling and untrusting he was.  Not only was he displaying this behavior to me but, his friends and henchmen as well.  He would degrade them publicly if things weren't up to HIS standards.  Needless to say I distant myself from him completely.  A few years later, he called my grandmother and said how he want to end his life and the people in his complex as well.  Being the beautiful person that she is, she was able to persuade him to otherwise.  However, she called me and told me that he was a whole nutcase.  You see he had so much money but, yet and still he was miserable.  Someone always wanted something from him.  And he had a very genuine heart.  A few years later I found out that he passed from my uncle.  I felt bad because he had so much and still was unable to enjoy it or life without looking over his shoulder.  I dedicate this post to Ryan a.k.a. K-Rock 

April 17, 2010

Sexual Molestation Of A Dog

My mother has two little pekinese dogs that are her life. Her morning ritual is walking these dogs around the field before her day starts.  During this interaction she has made a few friends with other dogwalkers.  However, one particular friend she feels that she could do without.  His name is Rob and he 48yrs old and lives with his mother.  Rob also has the responsibility of walking his mother's poodle, Ollie.  I guess you can say that Rob is smitten with my mother.  He purposely walks his dog the same time that she does and have asked on numerous occassions if they could go on a date.  My mother doesn't like him but being the passive woman that she is, she accepted his phone number. Quite naturally this gives Rob reasons to believe that she is feeling him the same way. Rob called her over the summer and invited her to watch movies with him because his mother was out of town  Rewind..  Yes, if you remember I did mention that Rob lives with mother.  Needless to say, she declined respectfully.  Now here comes the funny part.  His dog which is a boy keep sexually assaulting her dog, Gizmo that is also a boy.  As soon as he encounter Giz, he goes into a humping marathon.  I know this is disgusting but, you haven't heard the worst yet.  The dog leaves Jizm on Giz's fur.  Somebody please share your views on both stalkers, Rob and Olliehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4V2KztbvvM.  Also, you can click on the link to hear an upclose interview with my mother while she is trying to duck Rob and her discuss on Ollie's molestation on Giz

The End Results of Threesomes

Today a Few female co-workers and myself were speaking on a subject that alot of us women are uncomfortable sharing.  The subject today was about threesomes.  Seeing two women together is alot of men fantasies.  Personally, I can do without.  Because someone is going to leave disappointed or with a "what if mind".  To each their own but, I'm not with it.  People don't realize that the bad runs  neck to neck tie with good oppose to bad outcomes when inviting someone else in their bedroom.  I have a few anonymous questions posted that I will not answer because I would like my viewers to answer for me.  Also, by clicking on this link you can hear other's response on this topic..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJP0FbofkiU

Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? Ask for help!
Threesome gone wrong!!! He's always told me he could never be with another women, yet when given the chance he chooses her over me!

A female age 26-29, anonymous writes:


I have a major problem with sleeping all of a sudden due to something that my husband and I did in the past, about a year ago. My husband has always wanted a threesome with another girl, and being sexually open, I thought , what the heck, as long as I agree on the girl and she is up for this also, I will agree. well, we had a couple of drinks, and before I knew it, my husband was coming up to me asking if it would be okay with me, that it ws okay with her, hesitantly I agreed.

When we got into the bedroom, he decided to go for her first, after making her orgasm, he went for me, but then started going limp, and making me raw, so I asked him to stop, and turned my back on him and her showinf that I was not comfortable with this, seeing how he went limp on me.

So, he took that as a go for her again! So, he proceeded to have sex with her over and over again, with her moaning and me laying there not being into it. After he was finally done with her, and we get ready for bed, he lets her sleep in our bed and then first sleeps in the middle of us, then gets up and uses the restroom, then gets on her side, leavinf her in the middle of us!! I wake up, and use hte restroom, get up with the kids to make breakfast, and he is still in there cuddling with her, and laughing and joking around.

I am pissed by now, after walking in on them looking like they are messing with each other a little, and then yell for him to come help me in the kitchen. Of coarse i bitch at him, and ask him what the hell happened with last night, the one night that I put him in charge of running everything, since i am usually the one who keeps things in order in the hose, the primary diciplinarian, etc. I leave this one night to him, since it is his fanatasy, and he blows it. Needless to say the worst is that he is gone until oct, being military, I am pregnant with our fourth and alst child together, and I just cannot seem to get this out of my head, the way he ignored my slient request to end it. he always told me that he can't sleep if i am not in bed with him, so even when we are mad, we tlak it out by bedtime and go together, we hardly ever sleep on the couch if we are mad at one another.

He has always told me that he could never be with another women, yet when given the chance he completely chose her over me. we have been married almost 7 years, and have had a little bit of a rough marriage, but still have always worked out everything.

I don't know what to do, this is eating me up, I need these questions answered, that he has always shyed away from. how can I trust what he says to me now, when after trying to do something nice for him

April 15, 2010


I wanted to write this post about young girls growing up too fast.  It is so crazy how these girls talk, dress, and carry themselves.  Sometimes, I just want to take them to the side and tell them that they should enjoy these young years that they have now and not to rush it. I'm quite sure we all have our share of  "what growing up too fast can do to you" .  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some horrible results of growing up too fast. 
I remember when I was 13 yrs old just starting 7th grade at Strawberry Mansion. The night before I spent hours prepping for my grand entrance to Junior High school.  My Gucci Sneakers were fresh, Coca Cola shirt pressed, and Guess Jeans extra tight.  You couldn't tell me I wasn't the next best thing to strawberry icecream.  I developed my first crush on a sophmore that actually should've graduated by the time that I came along but, it didn't matter to me because he was fine.  This is when light skinned brothers were in high demand.  Needless, to say that my grandmother put a stop to that before it even started.  There was always that very group of fly girls in everyone's school, neighborhood, or family that we admired as a child.  I won't use real names because it doesn't matter.  But, I will give ending results.  There was a girl around my way whom godmother so happened to be my cousin's friend goddaughter.  I'm not gay but I  would only be hating if I didn't say that she was beautiful.  She had a nice figure and all the guys wanted her.  It wasn't until I graduated high school and began to hang out with her.  She didn't have a job nor was she a street pharmacist.  But, that summer at the county fair I would learn how she obtained her costly living.  She prostituted herself to big time drug dealers.  This was in 1993 and my first summer since I graduated high school.  Her and I stopped hanging out because she started mingling with a few people that I would consider cancerous.  By 2007 I was informed that she turned into a heroin addict and nearly died 2(x)'s from a drug overdose.   She did eventually get herself clean and now she is a reborn Christian.  Another friend of mine was dating a bigtime drug dealer and he spoiled her to death.  We were in the 12th grade at different schools.  Her boyfriend would let her hold his BMW and shower her with all type of expensive gifts.  Next thing you know swat team is banging on her door.  The house had all type of drugs in there. Who do you think was charged with the case and who do you think didn't bail her out?  Exactly, you see she was so fast to grow up and very naive.  This decision caused her her own freedom.  It wasn't worth it in the end at all.  Last incident that I am going to share is about a girl fly as I don't know what but, very promiscuous.  Her reputation overshadowed her appearance.  When were in 10th grade this chick was bedding grown ass men.  She was always cautious when it came to protecting her hurt but careless when it came to protecting her health.  I hate to say it but she is now living with full blown AIDS. I haven't seen her for myself but, from old mutual friends I heard that she wasn't doing good.
Okay, I shared a few stories and could possibly give you a hundred more stories regarding this topic.  I encourage you to share this story with mothers of teenagers or anyone that you feel is growing up too fast.  Again, I thank you for the support of this blog and wish you many blessings.  Peace.

April 13, 2010

Have You Ever Watched A Porno All The Way Through

Today a few ladies and myself were having an open discussion that is almost taboo for alot of us.  The Question of the day is "Have you ever watched a porno from beginning to end?"  This question is for both sexes male and females.  Personally, I don't like pornos.  I remember when I was a little girl and my cousins Nikki and I going down North Carolina.  Her grandmother whom is also my Aunt Fannie May was the first person that I ever seen with the playboy channel.  Of Course, it was Uncle Tom's channel.  But, I thought that it was the funniest thing.  I also remember when there was a Video Odessy Store in the shopping plaza near our home that had a pornography section closed off in the back of the store for adults.  The tapes were red.  One day my mom told me to return her movie when I got out of school.  I didn't think anything of it at the time and I didn't even pay attention to the name of the vhs tape.  But, the cashiers were looking at me funny and one was bold enough to question me.  "Who Vanessa del Rio tape is this?"  All you heard were whispering and snickers behind me.  Enough said!!!!!  Okay let's here your intake on pornography and please answer the question.  I want to hear from you :)  Also, check out my site on youtube under Rasheema Kearney's Channel for up and personal answers regarding this question. 
Again, thank you guys for following and if you haven't followed but just read this blog I love you that much more.  Be Blessed!!!!Patty's watch the whole porno.3gp click on this link

April 10, 2010

Stupid Sh#t PPL Post On FaceBook

During my maternity leave I joined Facebook out of boredom. Through facebook I was able to reconnect with old classmates from far back as Elementary School. I also met some beautiful and funny people on this adventure. I just want you to see the sh#t they post, though.

Rasheema Kearney Awhh shit somebody got that shizznik on · Muhammed Hamza Aziz THATS ME ROCK..UM BLACK AS SH.T..I GOTTA MAKE UP FOR IT..THEY BE LIKE HE BLACK AS HELL, BUT THAT N.... CAN DRESS..LOLOL!!

Will Casper Farrell hamza jus cause ur booty shorts are name brand dont mean u can dress n.cca!

Will Casper Farrell LOLOL n.cca dat pic is like 6 yrs old

Will Casper Farrell u got me tho deep space!


Rasheema Kearney the point is that u had on a doo rag period. u look like a homothug ·
Muhammed Hamza Aziz LMBAO@ROCK!!

Curtis Fbking Williams Rasheema you still got them shit stains on your tooth brush

Rasheema Kearney weirdos must love the sub. so md tht i couldnt get a pic of this. use ur imagination. he had 2 b about 5 ft orange biker shorts dogged uptowns tube top and 2 top it off he had 2 huge balls trying escape the opening of the botton

Jamel Blair Somebody should've plucked him in the balls and kicked him on the floor! Lmfao

Curtis Fbking Williams Oh yeah I heard miss Fay soak her dentures in 40oz bottles
Rasheema Kearney Is tht y ur mom teeth r brown
Curtis Fbking Williams Your mom ain't got no teeth
Ur mom has an encylopedia tattoo on her butt cheeks. They call her smart ass!

April 8, 2010



1965, Vietnam War U.S. military slang for "Vietcong, Vietcong soldier," suggested by Victor Charlie, military communication code for V.C. (as abbreviation of Viet Cong), perhaps strengthened by World War II slang use of Charlie for Japanese soldiers, probably an extension of the 1930s derogatory application of Charlie to any Asian man, from fictional Chinese detective Charlie Chan.
My mother babysits my two boys while I'm at work.  There is a playground directly in front of the driveway.  My mother was looking out the window while my son, Malik played in the park yesterday.  A vietnamese little boy was chasing a black little girl around the playground screaming "Catch Charlie Catch Charlie!"
 The little girl stopped instantly and turned around confused.  I could only imagine the hand on the hip and neck twirling as I tell you what the little girl said.  She said, "WHO THE FUCK IS CHARLIE?"  But, wait here is the crazy part.  I wanted to know who the fuck is Charlie as well.  LOLLOLLOLOLOl
Again, people thank you so much for supporting my blog.  Even if you don't follow it but you read it means that much more too me.  Also, remember to keep Lamaris in your prayers.

April 7, 2010

The Heart Of Lamaris


I would like to take today's post in another direction.  My friend/coworker's neice is seriously ill.  She too is also a coworker of mine.  I never met her but I have learned the importance of being kind and genuine to one another.  The love and support that The Rothman Institute has extended to her family and her is phenomenal.  The one thing I admire about her is that through this illness her spirit has never changed.  So this post is going to be dedicated to the heart of Lamaris.

April 4, 2010

The Key To A Successful Blog

This blogging thing is crazy.  Yet amazing at the sametime.  I have read so many blogs on how to get followers, how to make money, how to generate traffic on your blog etc.  It's too much information at one time.  Geesh, I can't make no money because I am reading all this shit on how to do this and that.  Well, I came up with my own solution.  I blog because I like to share my thoughts.  I enjoy sharing opinions with others.  I blog because its a stress reliever to me.  I blog because I have fun doing so.  I think the key to a successful blog is to do it for the love and fun of expressing yourself freely.  Look at it like a job that you actually like.  If I have more readers than I do followers than oh well, I welcome them both.  Fall in love with your craft and utilize it to touch issues that are taboo to others.  If you concentrate on what you get out of blogging then you aren't putting your all into blogging.  Moral to this story is have fun with this blogging thing.


Through the years I've had friends that came and left faster than a rainstorm.  Which is absolutely fine with me.  But, I also learned three facts that are proven to dismantle a friendship. Please read and post comments or add to this list below:
  1. Money.  Money is definitely the root to all evil.  Alot of friends part ways due to either borrowing or lending money.  If you need to borrow from a friend make sure to make good on the promise to pay them back because no matter the amount if you don't keep your word it will bite you in the ass.  The benefits for the lender is that you were able to weed a friend that meant you no good for a small amount.  I say you both made out good.
  2. Relationships.  Quite often we tend to volunteer information about our relationship to our friends.  But, we share more of the bad things than we do the good things.  When our friend comment on how ignorant or triphling our mate is we get upset.  We accuse them of judging us and sometimes say hurtful things blaming it on them as being jealous.  The solution to this is to stop discussing and volunteering information about your relationships altogether.  At the end of the day, he's still a dog and you lost a friend.  Also, if you guys start speaking again it will never be the same.  It can be eliminated by keeping your relationship off limits to family and friends for that matter.
  3. Gossip.  Everyone loves a good bit of gossip.  It's in the women's nature to be nosey.  We may not admit it but it's true.  But, if you confide in a friend and tell her its a secret and instruct to her not to tell anyone I guess that is how it should stay.  But, we always take it a step further.  No sooner than you guys depart, you're on the phone "Chile, I got something to tell you.  It's a secret so you can't tell anyone."  PAUSE, SLAP, SLAP, POW  If it is a secret why the hell are you telling me.  Keep it to yourself.  Not only is the secret going to be told but, it isn't going to end the way that you told the person because more is added to make it more juicy.
Well, this is just my take on things that can make a friendship go left.  Thank you for your support and I encourage you to comment.

April 3, 2010

Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Buzz

Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Buzz


Last year on May 28th 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  May 29th, I went through a horrible emergency surgery that left an execessive amount of scar tissue and much cosmetic repairing needed.  As I sit and look at this ugly scar left as a reminder of the events that took place that evening, I wish that I could remake my body with the body parts of celebrities.  Use any celebrity body parts that you wish could be yours, adopt the personality of someone that you admire, brain of someone that you find interesting and the heart of someone dear.  This is just for fun.  At the end, you will be surprised with the things that you aren't comfortable about within yourself.

If I could remake myself, I would want the arms of angela Bassett, Legs of Tina Turner, Stomach of Paris Hilton, brain of Oprah Winfrey, and the heart of Jesus.  Angela Bassett's arms are to die for, Tina Turner legs are the best especially for her age, Oprah Winfrey brain is phenomenal, and the heart of Jesus.  The reason I put the heart of Jesus last is because  with the heart of Jesus none of the above would matter.  WE ARE ALL PERFECT IN HIS EYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys so much for your support.  I will continue to give you guys my all and I look forward to reading your comments.

April 2, 2010


As I am sitting here writing this I am in awe with things, actions, and quotes that really doesn't make any sense.  This might  just be me but, I am going to share it with you guys because you might find reason in this.

  1. Snooze Button.  What is the purpose of a snooze button on your alarm clock?  If you can wake up to hit the snooze button then you might as well stay up.  The time that you use to hit the button is the same amount of time you use to get back to sleep.
  2. Termination of Employment.  What is the point of letting a person come in to work or allowing them to work all day before firing them?  Personally, I think that it's quite rude to do so.  Shit, tell me that I am fired over the phone.  Nine out of Ten it's for calling out of work.  This is very stupid and it is the number one cause of  "Going Postal"
  3. All Cable Channels.  This is a total waste.  You and I both know that you don't look at all the channels.  Let's be real.  Do you really listen to music channels that doesn't have videos nor pictures?
Well, I let you guys here three things that irritate me.  Now, I would like to hear the things that doesn't make sense to you and that are irritating. 

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