May 9, 2011

The Closet of Skeletons In Hollywood

A few weeks back I did a story about The Illuminati.  It basically went in depth of who participates in Devil worshipping that is part of the entertainment industry.  The further that I researched the crazier it progressed with different stars, public figures, politicians, etc.  But, one thing that stood out was the similarity of the acts the participants enjoyed.  "SEX" .  Also, there were a lot of entertainers that died either from AID's or complications that stem from the deadly virus.  "There is a lot of  unusual sex acts involved.  I guess the higher you are the more sick it gets.  As you read this posting you will find out information on some of your favorite celebrities that will make your bottom lip touch the keyboard.  It's crazy and it leads to a sinister society in the entertainment industry.  If you are appalled easily then I suggest you to skip this story.

In 1995, Comedian Richard Pryor published his autobiography named, "Pryor Commitments And Other Life Sentences, his personal life was far from a laughing matter."  The contents of the book gave you an opportunity to learn Richard outside of show business.  The book is very blunt and to the point.  It's leaves no room for speculations.  You definitely are going to get it straight from the horse's mouth.  In this book Richard Pryor speaks of an incident where he meets a beautiful woman with an exotic name that fit her.  He laughed, drank, and danced with the goddess all night.  When it was time to leave, they left together and stayed up all night snorting cocaine and sexing.  It wasn't until the next time that Mitrasha (woman's name) forgot to tuck and fold her male genitals.  Richard reached down and discovered he was sleeping with a man.  Although, he was deceived into thinking that she was a woman it didn't bother him.  For the next couple of weeks he will continue to partake in the homosexual affair.  In another incident, Richard Pryor and Jazz musician, Miles Davis were playing the same venue.  Richard received word that Miles Davis will be performing first and then he would follow.  After his act Miles Davis summoned for Richard to come into his dressing room.  Let's just say that Richard Pryor got the shock of his life.  According to his book, Miles was tongue kissing Dizzy Gillespie (great jazz legend) in the mouth.  No, Richard Pryor didn't join in they just took a Taxi to a midtown apartment and got high all night.
Actor Frank Seeles who played Dexter Stuffins, business manager, and family friend to the Strattons on hit sitcom, "Silver Spoons" died in 1990 from AIDS.  
Howard Rollins is a character that a lot of people know from the Soilder's Story and his role as Mr.Tibbs on the hit series, "In The Heat Of The Night".  Well, sadly reported in 1996 Rollins died to complications associated again with the AIDS virus. 
Theodore Wilson is the cool, calm and collective character who was first introduced to Black America  from sitcom comedies, That's My Mama as "Earl"  and Good Times as "Sweet Daddy".  He also did a guest appearance on What's Happening with the Doobie Brothers.  Theodore Wilson died of an AIDs related death.
 I'll never forget watching the series Fame every Saturday afternoon. I had the biggest crush on actor, Gene Anthony Ray who played the character Leroy.  He was like the black rebel that danced his behind off.  He was payed quite handsomely for his performing skills.  However, that will all change after being fired from the show because of a 100 no shows and his mother being arrested for a large drug ring in New York.  When money was flowing like it was in the past he started performing on cruise ships.  He also developed a dependency on alcohol and drugs.  This will soon lead to him moving oversees and sharing a flat with a porn start.  By 1996, he was diagnosed with HIV and soon to suffer a stroke in 2003 before dying November 11,2003.
For those of you that happen to be a fan of the move, "Cotton Comes To Harlem" this might be some interesting information.  Actor Raymond St.Jacques died in 1990 due to an AID's related illness.  He and Paul Whitfield had been rumored in the past to be common fixtures in gay clubs of the Castro district in San Francisco.  He was also the father of Sterling St.Jacqes whom happen to    die from the disease 6yrs prior.  
Thank you all or visiting my site and may God continue to grant you happiness in all that you do.


  1. Hi, I enjoyed your post-wanted to make one correction. The actor in the last picture (the one listed as Raymond St Jacques, the father) is actually actor Calvin Lockhart. He also passed away (from a stroke) and was in Uptown Saturday Night amongst many other movies during the time of Mr. St. Jacques. If you look on pics are posted of each under their names and profiles. Thanks for sharing with us!

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  3. This is really sad. I wouldn't trust any one in Hollywood. There have been rumors about Will smith, Dwayne Martin, Diddy, mike tyson. And so many more that are gay. To each of their own. may god bless there soul. Their have been rumors about Beyoncé and jayz studying devil worship? Scary I say

  4. Raymond St. Jaques illegally got his adopted sons from who knows where. He's probably responsible for Sterling being gay (child abuse). Raymond was a lifelong bachelor

  5. These were all excellent actors. Too bad they died too soon.!!


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