May 31, 2010

Intimacy After Kids

Before I had children there never been an intimacy issue in my relationship.  We were like two rabbits all over the place.  We couldn't get enough of each other.  Even when we had our oldest son, we were always sexually charged.  But, after having our youngest it seems that I am always either busy or too exhausted to be intimate with my mate.  Our intimate events have to be scheduled.  For Instance, we have to work around the children's schedule.  It's either frequent quickies between the kids' nap time or none at all.  However, ladies quickies can be quite enticing.  It's the thrill of having to sneak in a timely fashion.  This makes your mate work harder to get you and himself to quick high of ecstasy.  You won't hear no complaints from me on that note.    I have now learned to look at quickies as a new level of excitement in my relationship.  This is what keeps the sparks flying.

Today was pretty much a chill day.  The baby was napping and we decided to take advantage of the moment.  The baby playpen is beside the bed he mostly sleeps like a log.  Anyway, after two seconds of foreplay it was time for the nitty gritty.  As we are into it and Daddy forgets that we are sneaking so no sounds are to be made. But, hey I guess when it's good,  its good.  Shortly, in the moment we pause at the same time because we here the baby emulating the same sounds his dad is making.  "Um, Um, Um"  We instantly stopped and looked to see the baby standing up holding on to the side of the playpen with his bottle up to his mouth in the other hand.  Yes, and he still was making the same noise.  Thank you guys so much for taking the time out to read my blog and may you be blessed abundantly.

May 29, 2010

The Blind Leading The Blind/ Part 2

Three co-workers and myself were sitting on the church steps after work. It was a nice day and we were enjoying a few moments before heading home to our families. Anyone that lives in Philly knows that it isn't a shock to see anything or anyone that appears abnormal in Center City.  As I'm talking I stopped mid- sentence in our conversation.  Their eyes followed mine to see what has my attention.  I literally seen three blind men following another blind man that I took to be their leader. Not to mention that this was the same blind man that felt me up with his stick in Popeye's. Geesh. The blind leading the blind, literally. Thanks for you support and accept your blessings appreciatively

Becareful Where You Place Your Stick Part 1

Awhile ago I was in Popeye's ordering a quick and unhealthy lunch. As I am ordering I feel a long stick between my legs stopping at my pocketbook. I quickly move and turn around to see what pervert is trying to get a cheap thrill. I am almost embarrassed to say that it was a blind man. He apologized profusely and claimed to have thought he was in the bathroom. I'm not angry that he got a free feel. But, pissed that he confused my goodies as a public urinal.  Now that's what they mean by being careful where you lay your stick.  Thanks for stopping by and may your blessings flow abundantly.

Parent Abuse

The other day I was playing peek-a-boo with my baby. Instead of me covering is eyes and saying "peek-a-boo" I let him do the covering of the eyes. Well it seemed like a good idea until the 6th time. I closed my eyes and said it again. This time he gave me a surprise out of this world. When I opened my eyes his little fist was balled up and he punched me in the eye. He even had the nerve to say "hunh" after he did it.  Now, that's what you call Parent Abuse.  I guess I better learn how to duck better next time.  Thank you so much for following my blog and may God continue to bless you abundantly.  Peace. 

May 27, 2010

Just Because It's The Right Thing To Do, Doesn't Make It Right For You

Sometimes, we make decisions based upon what "society" has ruled to be correct.  This is something that we all have been doing from generation thru generation.  This is what makes the human being so predictable.  It's okay to think outside the box.  It's okay to wear white after Labor Day.  It's okay to have sex before marriage. It's actually a good idea.  Hey, right to test drive before the purchase.  Wrong to demand a refund after the deal is sealed.  Now, you guys know that it wouldn't be me to keep this serious.  The point that I'm trying to make is this, just because we're taught the "right" thing to do......doesn't mean that it's right for you.  Thanks for following.  May you be blessed abundantly.  Peace.......

May 23, 2010


People with addictive personalities tend to be needy, clingy, and unstable.  They are uncertain of their positions in current situations.  They can be quite controlling.  Controlling meaning that they have to be the dictator in the relationship.  They want the rules to be set by them and for all parties to follow.  That isn't good because they're somewhat bullying their mate.  They are also very needy.  They need to speak with their mates at least 5(x)'s in a minute.  They need to be with them everyday.  They need to be told that they are beautiful or handsome.  They need to be reassured that their partner isn't going anywhere.  Most of all, they need to feel complete by someone else.  That characteristic itself can become fatal.  Because the first time that you forget to call you will be condemned.  The first time you express that you need a moment to yourself, you will raise suspicions of being a cheat.  The first time that you don't compliment them, they're gonna down themselves.  I think that being clingy is something that overshadows everything in a relationship.  You shouldn't want to be wrapped at your partner's waist at all times.  He/she deserves the right to be alone sometimes.  This doesn't mean that they don't love you but, it shows that they love themselves.  Personally, I think that being to clingy can turn fatal.  These are just brief characteristics of an addictive personality in a relationship.  All points are valid and if you notice them in your mate, then you need to ween them off slowly but surely.  This can turn detrimental for you and for them.  If you notice these characteristics before getting in a relationship, back of.  There is a big caution sign.  Take heed.  Thanks so much for supporting my site.  I hope that you enjoyed.  Be blessed.  Peace..........

May 22, 2010

THIS SHOE IS DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday had to be one of the most embarrassing days of my life.  During lunch time I decided to walk through the mall because it was such a nice day to enjoy mother nature.  As I was walking through Kmart to get to the other side of The Gallery I slipped.  The wasn't wet nor was there anything for me to slip on.  I just chalked it up to wooden heel shoes that I were wearing.  I tried reaching for the air to break my fall because there wasn't anything for me to hold on to.  I swear it had to take me at least three minutes to completely hit the floor.  Everything was in slow motion. Out of embarrassment I pretended to have fainted.   As I am laying on the ground a shopper seen me and came to my assistance.  I lied and told her that I fainted and that this happens from time to time.  She told me that I shouldn't be in Center City by myself.  Finally, the security officer comes to offer assistance and I notice him holding in a laugh while he asked me if I was okay.  I told him yes and that I fainted.  He couldn't get out another word because he broke into a laughing frenzy.  I was completely humiliated and made a dash for the door.  I have posted above the infamous shoes that cause fainting and injuries.

May 19, 2010


I have been receiving alot of request for topics to blog about.  One topic is very touche'.  What is the appropriate age to have the birds and  bees talk with your ten year old daughter?  "Yes Baby" in my Monique voice.  That is a hard question to answer and I am so not looking forward to having this conversation with my son whom is eight.  Personally, I think that when the child is mature and responsible enough to ask their parents about sex then they are ready to discuss.  This doesn't mean to give them the whole shebang.  But, maybe just the basics.  What I love about this question is that the child was very respectful and she demonstrated trust in her mother.  So, mom you are doing an excellent job. There really isn't anyway around this topic because it's has to be discussed.  You have women that are becoming grandmothers at the age of 32yrs old.  So, yes that discussion is mandatory.  The key is to be honest.  Well, I want to say thank you guys for visiting and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace..................

May 18, 2010

Mishaps of Dating Younger

It is currently rumored that NBA player Delonte West is in an intimate relationship with LeBron James' mother.  If this is true I don't think that we have the right to judge but, we damn sure can give our opinion.  "Cougars" is the name used to describe older women that date younger men.  Hey, I say if mom still got it go for it.  But, be respectful to other parties that might be effected by your decision.  This isn't nothing new and actually been going on for sometime now.  Listen, Lindsay Lohan has a new cougar.  But, I guess because they both are women it doesn't count.  I recently had the opportunity to hear other's opinions regarding the alleged Labron James' incident and the response was actually quite interesting.  Some think that it was wrong because it was a teammate, some think that she could've been more discreet and some actually gave mom the thumbs up.  I think that if allegations are true, she was wrong.  Especially, beings as though this isn't just a teammate, peer, or colleague.  But, it's her son career.  I don't see Gloria James on the Campbell Soup commercial.  That's like Donavan McNabb's mother sleeping with Terrell Owens.  Geesh, I just had a visual and it wasn't good.  From speaking with other women, it is said that younger men have alot of stamina and knows how to please a women in the bed.  I'm all for pleasure but, if my kid can look you up in their yearbook that would make me feel like a molester.  I listed a few things that should be made requirements when dating younger men.  Take a peek:
  • Confidential.  Must be a mutual agreement that relationship will be kept private.  Younger men tend to to run their mouths.  Older men do as well but, you look more like a fool when your tenderoni describes your panties to his 7th period classmates.
  • Tricks.  Keep tricks limited.  You would hate for your boy toy to be outside your window singing off key "I Need Love" by LL Cool J because he thinks that was your prom anthem.
  • Maturity.  You have to be the mature one in the relationship.  You can't let him reverse the roles.  It will be quite embarrassing for your friends and co-workers to see you on Broad Street with a flashlight in broad daylight looking for your boo.
  • Never ever ever ever ever tell your young stallion to grow up.  That is the dumbest and most stupid thing for a Cougar to say.
  • Pet names.  This is a definite no no when dealing with a young boy.  During the heat of the moment he might call you Mommy and then it will be kill Bill from there. 
Now, these are my don'ts.  I am going to give you now the guy's restrictions.
  • Love.  Never tell your old head that you love her.  She will put you out there to her friends and you'll look like the neighborhood fool.
  • Keys.  Do not accept the keys.  Once you get the key it is considered lock down and you are stuck.  Miss one night and it's your ass.
  • Sex.  Do not I repeat do not give up good sex.  She will stalk the hell out of you.  Shit can get real fatal.
  • Purchasing.  Do not purchase your old head anything.  Even if it's a pack of cigarettes.  You will be purchasing shit forever.
  • Kids.  If she have kids stay as far as possible away.  If you nice to one you have to be nice to all.  They will start calling you daddy even if you're in the same grade.  Be mean as possible.  Even, if it breaks your young heart.  Do not share now and laters, hugs, or anything else.
  • Transportation.  If you have a car park at least, three blocks away.  If she see you in the car, tell her it broke down.  If not, you will be on a mission impossible for her and family.

May 15, 2010

Insecurities In Men

Women need to know that we aren't the only ones with insecurity issues.  Men do as well.  The thing about insecurity is that in women it's almost expected.  Where as to men, it's ignored.  Surprisingly, their insecurities are quite similar if not the same as women.  Insecurity plays a big part in emotions.  That is a topic that men despise to express.  It takes men longer to process complex emotional data.  When they do identify their feelings they lack the ability to express them.  They then take on a screw it mentality. Where as a women haven't the slightest hesitation in expressing theirs.  This plays a big part in men not being able to commit to a solid relationship.  They would prefer not to be loved than to be disrespected or feel inadequate.  Yeah, ladies men are some screwed up individuals.   Listed below are a few signs of an insecure man.

  • Abuse  Insecure men feel a need to control all situations.  For them, verbal or physical abuse is their only option to gain and maintain control. 
  • Trust    Most men with insecurity suffer from trust issues.  Mostly, this is a result from complications between a mother and son's relationship.  The first person besides God we learn to trust is our parents.  If you can't trust your mother it's almost impossible to trust any other female.
  • Fear   Fear plays such a big part in being insecure.  Men would rather hurt you before you hurt them.  The thought of a broken heart terrorizes them.  They fear that they would be humiliated if things doesn't work out. They fear what others think of them.  They fear failing. 
This isn't all the signs nor reasons for the lack of security in men.  However, I gave you the most important ones to look out for. Thank you guys so much for visiting my site and I look forward to reading your comments as always.

May 13, 2010

When Should We Discipline Our Children?

There use to be a time when kids respected adults.  Now, I don't even want to look a teenager's way.  There was an incident in the Center City part of Philadelphia a few months ago.  During this incident a mob of teenagers both male and female attacked not only their peers but, adults as well.  Allegedly, 40-50 kids vandalized and stole from Macy's Department Store.  Once, the police arrived they arrested supposedly 14 teenagers but the majority were able to get away.  Okay, here is my take on this.  Who do we blame the parents or the state for giving kids rights?  I say both of them.  When I was growing up I couldn't get away with not a portion of the crap these kids are doing now.  I wouldn't even curse in public without being scared.  I was more scared of what will happen if my mother or grandmother heard me.  Alot of parents try to put the blame of a missing parent or that the kid just started acting like this.  That is a bunch of crap.  Your kid doesn't just start out the sweetest little angel and turn into a stone cold fool overnight.  There are signs and stages.  Alot of times, we laugh at the ignorant things that they do when they are three and four.  They might call you a Bitch and you think it's the cutest thing and you share it with the world.  The next four years, he/she calling you a slut ass whore and you're crying to a family member or close friend about how disrespectful he/she is.  Then, you want to send them away.  You created that monster by not addressing it when he was a toddler learning first words.  After seeing this clip I can guarantee you how this child is going to turn out.  God Darn the law and BEAT YOUR KID'S ASS when they get out of line.

May 11, 2010

Insecure Women Needing A Man To Fulfill Their Happiness

Today, I did a post on facebook regarding women feeling insecure and  need a man to fulfill their happiness.  This was an excellent topic that alot of women commented on but, didn't share their experiences. At some time we all feel insecure whether it's weight gain, our hairstyles, etc. This brings on unhappiness.  We as humans tend to turn to the things or people that serves as temporary contentment.  Because, happiness begins within yourself.  Some use drugs, some use food, some shop, some turn to sex and some depend on men to make us happy.  Again, that isn't happiness it's contentment.  There's a big difference.  Guaranteed if you go on facebook and just surf different status post you will see how many insecure females that is either downing themselves or involving media network into their relationships.  This has helped me recognize different signs of insecurity.  Also, I searched the web on articles describing insecure behavior in women and I wanted to share  with you this article written by Brian Lee .  There  isn't a person who will read this that doesn't relate to at least one thing on this list.  Pay attention because I even found things on here that I am guilty of. 
         Insecure people tend:
  •  to be very sensitive to critique and respond with defensiveness. They aren’t comfortable enough with themselves to accept that they might be flawed.
  •  A secure person can handle criticism. They’re open to hearing about ways they might improve. If they disagree with the criticism, they don’t try to argue because they’re happy with whom they are.
  • Self-Promoting
  • Insecure people tend to talk about themselves constantly, as if they feel like they have to prove     themselves. Self-promotion is paramount to over-compensation for doubt.
  • A confident person doesn’t need to promote himself. His qualities are displayed naturally by the way he lives his life. Besides, he doesn’t need validation from anyone anyway.
  • Bullying
  • Insecure people feel threatened by others, and one way to cope with this is to try and squash them. The most threatening person of all to an insecure person is a secure person, because they can sense their power.
  • Overly Authoritative
  • Insecure people in positions of power tend to compensate for their lack of confidence by taking out their frustrations on their subordinates. They might issue unfair punishments or orders as a way to prove their authority
  • Overly Competitive
  • Competitiveness is part of a healthy emotional makeup, but over-competitiveness is a sign of a problem. Someone who can’t take losing by making a big emotional display lacks confidence.
  • A person who is secure with himself wins or loses with grace. Grace has a lot to do with respecting your opponent, and you can only do that if you are first comfortable with yourself
  • Materialistic
  • A very dangerous coping mechanism for insecurity is buying things you can’t afford just to show off. We can all think of people with huge TV’s, fast cars, and every toy known to man; even though they don’t make much money. People like this tend to run up their credit cards and get themselves into big trouble.
  • A secure person doesn’t need to show off. He doesn’t care what other people think about his possessions
  • Insecurity in Relationships
  • Insecurity tends to be amplified in relationships. In this situation, there is a constant struggle for control and energy
  • Interestingly enough, people tend to be attracted to other people at the same level of security. Insecure people tend to find other insecure people to date, and secure people tend to date other secure people.
  • A healthy relationship is made up of two secure people who create their own emotional energy and give to their partner. An unhealthy relationship is made up of two insecure people who take emotional energy from their partner.
  • Stays in Abusive Relationships
  • Remember how insecure people tend to be attracted to each other? Unfortunately, this means that abusive men end up with women who take the abuse.
    Have you ever known a woman who has had a string of abusive boyfriends? She ends up falling for one after the other. She has so little confidence that she is convinced that it’s her fault.
    A secure woman isn’t afraid of leaving an abusive man. She knows that she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. She creates her own emotional energy and therefore she will be fine on her own.
  • Overly Sexual
  • Sexuality is a very powerful force, as evidenced by the amount of sexual images in our media. Men especially are strongly influenced by attractive women. Some women learn that they can get a lot of attention from men by flaunting their sexuality.
  • An insecure woman who is seeking constant validation from others relies on her sexuality as a crutch.
  • It becomes her main source of emotional energy and begins to define her.
  • A secure woman doesn’t need constant validation. She is confident enough to define herself in many dimensions; not just one.

    Let's do something different on this post and list one thing that you can identify within yourself from this list.  Please comment openly and sincerely.  Thank you guys so much for your support and may you all be blessed abundantly.  Peace.


May 9, 2010


I had the opportunity to spend Mother's Day with my mother and grandparents.  OMG guys this moment was priceless.  I haven't laughed so hard in so long.  It felt like when I was a little girl sitting at the kitchen table while my grandmother would play solitaire and my granddad would nod off on the couch and pretend not to be sleeping.  I would love to escape to one of those days where I could eavesdrop on my grandma's conversations and lick the batter of the cake mix bowl.  I miss the days of going to the goodies bag on top of the refrigerator stocked up with stale Little Debbie's.  Time go by so fast.  Treasure each moment that you share with your loved ones.  For they will all be precious memories to share.  

May 8, 2010

Why Is So Many Of Our Youth Turning Gay?

Why are so many young people these days gay/bisexual?

It seems like there are an awful lot of gay/bi young people these days. I am genuinely curious. Are they trying to be "unique" by being a sexual minority? Are they trying to imitate movie or television stars, eg. Adam Lambert, Tila Tequilla? Or are they just being more open than past generations?

Derrick Martin was kicked out of his house after announcing his intention to take his boyfriend to Prom ... “I just wanted to show my face and show them I wasn’t afraid. They were saying I was bringing a bad name to Cochran,” he said. “They said I was bringing Bleckley County into the gay era.”...

Atlanta gay chorus hosts teen kicked out over taking boyfriend to prom ... "I just wanted to show my face and show them I wasn't afraid. They were saying I was bringing a bad name to Cochran," he said. "They said I was bringing Bleckley County into the gay era."

Okay, People before I go any further this discussion was suggested to me from a close friend.  For the record, I am not homophobic and I think that we are all God's children and he loves us the same.  So, please do not take offense to today's posting.  My friend was telling me how her girlfriend of many years came out to her admitting that she was a lesbian, recently.  She said although she didn't agree with it, she was fine with it.  But, the girl started going overboard with detailed intimate information.   I know that's crazy.  Well, the girl eventually shared that she secretly was interested in my friend and let's just say that she wasn't a happy camper as to be expected.  This bi-sexuality and gay stuff is getting out of hand in our youth.  Sometimes, I just wonder if it's a fad.  Also, if two women choose to be together than it should be just that.  But, why do they sometimes have to dress as boys.  If you wanted to screw a boy you shouldn't be claiming yourself as a lesbian.  What the hell?  I guess the saying is more true than it's meant to be.  "To Each Their Own"  But, I also learned that alot of homosexual men have been molested or raped as a child by a male friend or relative and it plays a big part as well.  We have to guard our babies.  Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topics.  Thanks a million for reading my blogs and may you and your family be forever blessed.  Peace.

Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Why Polygamy (Multiple Wives) Is Allowed In Islam?

Islam has allowed a man to marry more than one wife. This has been done for the purpose of solving many social and domestic problems, which a family is confronted with from time to time. Many are the times when the general welfare of both man and woman depends upon the husband marrying another wife.

The Wife has the right of being properly maintained by her husband and he is responsible for providing his wife with food, clothes, residence, medical treatment, adornment (as per his means) and other expenditures needed by the wife and becoming her social status, on one hand, and falling within the husband's financial means, on the other.

Okay, People by now you guys know that my brain is on a constant go with all types of crazy questions and subjects.  That is why I decided to start the blog to exercise these million thoughts that are swimming in my head.  Do you guys believe it should be legal to have more than one wife?  If so, what is your reasons?
Personally, I don't think that I would want to share my man.  But, I guess it has it's good points too.  You don't have to be bothered with his sorry ass 24/7.  I know calm down because that is a big one for me.  Stuff go wrong, you can blame it on the other wives.  You don't feel like cooking, make one of the other wives do it.  Come on, ladies let's have an open mind here.  I actually researched a few things about polygamy and posted a question on facebook regarding this topic.  I will love to hear you guys comments.

Naimah Thiswhatido Abdussamad   Yes I do the majority of men already cheat the men who can afford multiple households should be allowed legally 2 have multiple families the majority of them do it anyway and the women will accept being cheated on but won't accept the man having another wife

Bashay Kearney   No, if I can't be married to 2 men,then

Naimah Thiswhatido Abdussamad   Oh no Rocky....see I think the men should be able to have multiple because men are the providers... how many women will knowingly allow their baby fathers to sleep with them or sleep with married men or just men who have other girlfriends because regardless of what the men are providing for them? They the women are accepting being whatever number ... See More they are for whatever benefit they are receiving from that man. Now if he is married to both women they both know about each other the laws of this relationship is made clear he would have to equally provide for both and this way the mistress is not putting anyone in danger with sleeping with whoever she is sleeping with...Don't think that I am answering because of my Islamic perspective either. But I see soooooo many who knows they are either being cheated on or who are messing with men that are married who say they don't care and continue to mess with these men why not make him make the same commitment to you as he has to the other this way there is no messing around. you are getting your time equal and your provisions equally. Women will accept being a side jawn but not accept the fact that some men desire more than one women.

Damien Mosley  If its legal it must b right. Lol
Nard Esco   @ Rocky....... You can have 4!!!!!

Should You Tell Your Child or Children That Their Father Is In Prison?

I don't know how but for some reason I come up with the craziest questions for myself.  I was thinking about the ratio of black fathers oppose to white fathers that are incarcerated.  The crazy part is that statistics says that blacks make up 50 percent of U.S. prison population. Blacks are currently 12 percent of U.S. population. Blacks commit 9 times the crimes of whites. (900%)  Could you imagine how many of these men are fathers?  Exactly, you don't even want to.  But, what do we tell our children if they so happen to be the child of one of these fathers?  I told you guys when I decided to write this blog there were no off-limits.  This meaning that I would share all of me.  That includes the dark and ugly places that I hate to revisit.  But, maybe this could be healing to someone else.  My children's father was incarcerated when my oldest boy was 2yrs old.  At the time, he probably was too young to understand the circumstances around him.  Anyway, when he asked about where his daddy was I would always say college.  I know some of you probably would've settled for "Hood Vacation"  Anyway, he was imprisoned for 2 years of Malik's life.  I swear this had to be one of the roughest times in my life.  Some of you know how it goes, homies don't stop by to bring money, phone calls aren't returned and doing it all from the muscle because we're mothers and this is what we do.  My son use to cry his little heart out when it was time for visits to end.  One day, we were leaving and Malik was screaming outside the prison "I want to go back to my Daddy's House!"  Two older white women walked by and complimented on how cute he was.. One even went as far to say "Ahh, that's so cute he wants his daddy.  Sweetheart, you better hurry so that you can take him to his Daddy's house."  All of the sudden I burst out laughing and of course they were looking at me like I had 10 heads.  I said  "Ladies, this is his Daddy's house"  Yup, speechless they were.  But, last year I had the same look as them when Malik and I were talking and he said this "Mom, I remember when my dad was in jail (pause) I mean school and they had those Sesame Street Characters on the wall"  I said "Malik you knew that wasn't school?"  He said "Yes, mom I didn't think that you knew"  That is so crazy.  I say this to say stop telling these damn kids their daddy in college.  Trust and Believe that they are alot smarter than we give them credit for.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace.

May 6, 2010


Sex before marriage is a topic that strangely had more people agree to sex before marriage than NOT.  I had to agree with the ones that was all for it because they actually made alot of sense.  The truth is how do you know your partner's likes and dislikes if you never went there prior before your marriage.  It's a little awkward to pull out a composition book the night of your honeymoon with highlights of your spouse's hot spots.  I believe that a marriage without sex previously is a road to deception, std's, infidelity, unwanted children, and the list goes on and on.  I mean suppose that your husband is impotent or worse his sex is whack.  Sex after marriage is placing a bet and not being able to renege on it.  However, a union not ordained by God normally last a little longer. I had the pleasure to speak with three women on the subject and I would like for you to click on the link to hear their views.

May 5, 2010

Retailers Are Liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I came to a conclusion that retailers will tell us anything to make money.  It's sad because some of us really trust the opinion of a salesperson. Come on people be honest.  How many times have you brought something that you knew was absolutely horrible and the salesperson led you to believe that you were a hot commodity?  Exactly, I know that I've been fooled alot of times and I have superb taste might I add.  You see over the years I gained weight so I have to be on point with my shoes. gear, and eyewear.  You may say ooh she gained alot of weight but the girl still sharp.  Sike, I had to throw that in there.  Anyway, my friend/ co-worker, Marta and I visited a couple of stores to see which sales person would be completely honest with me.  Click on link to see

May 3, 2010

Inside Scoop of The Basketball Wives

When I decided to write this blog I vowed not to gossip about celebrities. I wanted to do something different and funny. I didn't want to go in the direction of blasting other people's flaws and imperfections to gain notability. That isn't my style. However, vows are often broken.  I sort of became addicted to the new series "Basketball Wives".  This show gives you insight of what the wives and girlfriends of NBA players endure on a daily basis.  To some this may seem boring but, I love reality television.  But, another thing I learned from watching this show is that it all that appears to be glitter is not always gold. These chicks display cattiness, jealousy, dependent personalities and insecurity. 

The picture above is Shaquille Oneal's soon to ex-wife.  She serves as an executive producer for the show.  She really isn't on the show alot and now I can see why.  However, she does share a little of herself.  But, its very little.  I must say, Shaunie O'Neil is a class act.

This is Suzie Ketcham, the baby mama of basketball star Michael Olowokondi.  She is I guess the one they would call the wild child, party girl, etc.  I really don't have an opinion of her just yet but, I did like how she got her gangsta on last night and threw the drink in the chicks face.

This is Jennifer Williams.  She is married to NBA player Eric Williams.  All I am going to say is that he is a complete asshole.  He cheated and lacks respect for her and his marriage.  It's almost as if she has to prove her love for him to other people.  They are now working on getting their marriage back on track and honestly, I don't think that it's a good idea because they are with each other for reasons other than love.  He is arrogant and disrespectful and she shouldn't have to confront anyone about HER husband.    The chick literally made her look stupid.  "Do You Think That I am The Only Woman He Talks To?"  that's what the alleged mistress said to her. Okay, let's say it together "Pick Your Lip Up"  OMG, then the dude is horrible looking.  He looks like Preach from Cooley High with a thousand teeth in his mouth.

Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn.  That's all I can say right now.  "Hell to the no"  in my Whitney Houston's voice.  This chick is the ex-wife to NBA star Antoine Walker.  She is an all around hater.  She befriended Royce and talked smack about her behind her back.  That is a no-no in friendship.  The second no-no is how that she judged her.  Personally, I think that she is jealous of Royce and wishes that she could be free-spirited like Royce.  Behind the mean shoe game and designer clothes you have a little girl from the Bronx with low self-esteem. 

Gloria Govan will soon be married to  the league's upcoming star, Matt Barnes.  Her sister allegedly had an affair with Shaquille O'Neil.  She was basically targeted by the girls because of this and finds herself constantly trying to separate herself from the rumors of the alleged adultery her sister partake in.  I really like this girl in the beginning but, after last night show I find myself completely disgusted by her.  She is a snake that also has trust and security issues.  Royce reached out to her genuinely and she stabbed her in the back.  You are a slime bucket for that.

Okay, every reality show has that one person that all viewers favor.  "Yes,baby" in my Monique's voice.  Here's my favorite person on the show.

 This is Royce.  Royce is a dancer for professional basketball teams in both Miami and Orlando.  This is her craft and profession.  Every last one of these chicks talked alot of shit about Royce because her dancing.  They called this girl a hoe, slut, and etc.  I haven't heard this girl say not one bad thing about any of these whores.  She is a DANCER.  She dances professionally.  They have no right to judge this woman because she likes to drop it like its hot in the club.  So what, Royce doesn't have the problem its these hoes and their insecurities.   I can't wait to Royce snaps on all these hoes.  She is going to blow.  I can feel it and I hope I pay my cable bill to watch it. 

Well, that's your inside info on the new reality show Basketball Wives.  I know I talked mad shit about them but, I can't wait until next week for the new episode. 
Thanks for following my blog and Be Blessed.  Peace.

May 2, 2010

Premiere Housewives of New Jersey

OMG this is the best news that I heard all day.  I know that you guys are probably going to think that I am crazy after reading this.  But, the truth is I was crazy before writing this post.  I am watching the Housewives of New Jersey marathon.  The season premiere is tomorrow at 10pm.  I absolutely love this show.  These bitches are the truth.  However, Caroline really gets under my skin.   She swears that she is mobb deep.  But, she is funny though.  Dina is a bitch.  She talked all that trash and Danielle chumped her like the little bitch she is.   I love Danielle.  She is my favorite character.  At least she knows how to get good ratings.  Here's another epiphany  Baby Mamas of Philly.  I love it.  I love it. I love it!!!!! Stay tuned coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 1, 2010

What effect does the recession have on you?

Ask yourself this question and think really hard before you answer.  Do you think that the recession raised eyebrows in the black community?  Have your income really changed as a result from the recession?  If so, was it a drastic change?

My take on this whole recession yadi yah is that the majority of the lower class black families weren't phased one bit by the so called "recession" at all.  The reality of this matter is that we've been living from paycheck to paycheck and dodging Peter to pay Paul.  If anything we were honored that our day to day living was given a title "Recession" .  Personally, I think that the "recession" has became a crutch to alot of us.  It's damn near the cause of everyone problems.  So they say anyway.  Why aren't you looking for a job?  Because its an recession and alot of companies aren't hiring.  Why are you always broke"  Because this recession has really taken a toll on me.  Why didn't you pay your rent?  Because of the recession I am running behind.  
People please stop using this word as a crutch.  It's like using the word "nigger"  He won't hire me because I am a nigger.  I got fired because I am a nigger.  I got arrested because I am a nigger.  Some of you are actually reading this an shaking your head but, I guarantee that you have or know someone that is taking advantage of the word "recession"  Listen, recess is a break, an intermission.  Your bills don't have an intermission and your life doesn't have an intermission.  Therefore, neither can we.  This isn't our recession.  People I thank you so much for taking time out to read my posts.  Be blessed.  Peace.......

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