October 31, 2010


As I think of a lot of things that us black folks do on daily basis I get the urge to scratch my head and question my ghettoism.  Yup, I said "ghettoism".  It's my blog site and if I choose to create my own word then either you learn the meaning of and how to spell it or kick rocks.  Now back to the previous message.  A lot of (x)'s we create some crazy rituals and actually live by them.  It often makes me question if I am ghetto.  So, I decided to post a quiz for this question replacing "I" with "You".  After partaking in this quiz you will be able to answer this the same question on your own.

Do you have or know a child that is named after a foreign automobile, a day of the week, or a fashion designer?
Have you or someone else you know ever substituted a dust pan with an album cover?
Do you or someone you know call cherry Kool-Aid the red kind?
Are you or do you know a great-grandmother at the age of 40?
Have you ever had your child call a distant relative that you haven't seen since the last family funeral to babysit during desperate times?
Have you ever awaken in the middle of the night thirsty and instead of grabbing a cup you drank straight from the water jug?
When you or someone you know get paid, past ten banks before reaching the Check Cashing place to cash a paycheck?
Do you or have you taken your own Alcoholic beverage to a club or bar in your pocketbook?
Have you or someone you know ever put the phone to the speaker for a musical background on the  answering machine while creating a greeting message?
Is a jelly jar considered glassware in your home?
Do you wash plastic utensils and cups as if they're part of your silverware?
Is your child or someone you know child is nicknamed after a bodily function such as poop, doo-doo, stank, etc.?
Is the word "um" part of your daily conversations with others?
Do you refer to child or children father as baby's daddy to others?
Have you or do you substitute bubble bath for Dawn, Joy, or Palmolive dish detergent?
Is one or all your utility bills in your child's name?
Have you or do you attempt to crack your mate's voice mail password?
Is your household camera your camera phone as well?
Did you vote for President Obama because he is black?
Do you try to abstain from posting pictures of yourself on Facebook  taken with the same clothes previously worn to another event?
When some tells you a secret and tell you not to tell anyone, do you tell anyone else and tell give them the same orders?
Do you wear thermal shirts under short sleeved Polo shirts instead of buying a long sleeved shirt of the same brand?
Do you hide your kid's good toys before company with destructive kids come to visit?
Are you 25 or older and still feel the need to say bff when referring to your best friend?
Have you ever been to someones home that's infested with bugs and rodents and they pretend that they don't exist?

Okay, if you were able to identify or answer yes to at least five of these questions you are a little ghettoish.  There goes that creating a new word again.  Take this quiz with your friends and see who answers yes to 5 or more questions.  This should be fun.  Thanks for visiting my site and may you continuously be blessed.  Peace.........

October 22, 2010

Blue on Black Crimes

Yesterday morning as I was getting dressed for worked I came across an interesting topic on the news.  Unfortunately, it wasn't surprising to me.  Danroy Henry, a junior at Pace University’s Westchester County campus was  shot and killed by police.  Of course, as what has become the normal excuse for the law when they kill was that they were attacked first.  That song is so longggggggggggg.  At one time we were protesting about black on black crime.  Now, it seems an urgent protest is needed for "law on citizen" crimes.  This is the reason for a lot of animosity that people have for the police.  The sad thing is that there actually are some good cops out there but as always the bad overshadows the good.  Seriously, the police have been on a downward path for quite some years nows.  Let's travel back a few years.  

This actually happened after an all white protest to keep blacks from attending the same school as white people.  I'm not going to lie, images like this disgust me especially when you hear the reason. It makes me want to kick a kid ass for not taking advantage of an education.  They went through all of that so that we could get to this.

But, our kids in this generation decided to start a flash mob in place of getting the education people fought and was humiliated for.  Sorry for taking this to another direction. I'll leave that subject for another post.  Okay, side track is over.  Police Brutality is something that has been going on for decades and decades.  It doesn't make it any better when your mayor consents and enforce this violent behavior.  Let's take it back to Frank Rizzo.  He did everything degrading to a black man including of forcing the The Black Panther Party of Philadelphia to strip naked and stand before flashing lights of numerous cameras.  All he was missing was a noose.  Although, police brutality is happening in other states as well, I would like to mainly focus on Philly cops.  I don't think the civilians of Philadelphia will ever forget the beating of three black men caught on tape.  View Picture below. 

Before I end this post I would like to say again that not all Philly cops are bad.   Please view footage below of how the police planted drugs on a black homeless lady.  Please read and comment.  Thanks......

October 21, 2010

Classic Sesame Street - Roosevelt Franklin Loud & Soft

Yesterday, I wrote a post regarding the black puppet singing on Sesame Street about the love of her hair.  I was under the impression that this was the first black puppet to air on Sesame Street.  I found out from two of my older cousins that Roosevelt Franklin was actually Sesame Street first black puppet on air in 1971.  I was shocked to this revelation and searched for the footage of the his scenes.  My son Malik and I watched it together.  If I had one word only to describe it, It would be phenomenal.  From what I read, Roosevelt became very popular in his short time on the show.  He was known because of his love of rhymes and poetry.  Sad to say but some thought that the character represented a negative cultural stereotype and he was shortly removed from the show.  The crazy thing is that Roosevelt wasn't a black puppet.  Roosevelt was purple with black bushy hair.  Now, that is what you call judging a book by it's cover.  Please view video and leave comments...Thanks...:)

October 19, 2010


I'm uncertain of how many or if any of you know this. But, Sesame Street did a skit with an African American puppet singing about the love she has for her hair. Some enjoyed it and some were offended. Personally, I thought that it was beautiful. Not only did she take pride in her different texture of hair but,this is the first black puppet to air on Sesame Street. A lot of times women of the African American race including myself will go the extra mile to do what we think is expected in today's society. We damage it with relaxers, hair dyes, excessive heat and plenty of other chemicals. We are brainwashed to believe that good hair is a necessity to society. Not. Your character shouldn't be based around your hair. However, I can't go without a super strength relaxer. 100lbs.later and shorter hair I'll look like Esther Rolle from Good Times.

The moral to this post is to recognize and rejoice that Sesame Street has introduced their first black puppet to the world without the long, bone straight hair other illustrators and toy manufacturers use to portray the little black girls. Also, recognize that our people meaning, "black people" have started a culture with our kinky, some short and some long, course, thick locks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site and may you be blessed abundantly.

October 18, 2010

Stay In An Adult's Place

I come to the realization that today's parenting is nothing like the parenting that we experienced as children.  The new age parents choose to be their children(s) friend opposed to being the authority figure in the household.  Not only is this with their own child but, with other children as well.  There was a time when conversations between adults stayed amongst themselves.  Now, children have been given the right to comment or join in on adult conversation.  Then, when the shit hits the fan they want to call the child too grown or tell them to stay in a child's place.  For no reason should any mother or father feel comfortable enough to expose personal information about a child's parent to a child.  Regardless of how mature the child is   The part that kills me is that when they expose information they withhold the things that they do.  For instance, Your mama's a hoe but, I'm not I just like to be around hoes.  Come on that is like saying I'm not a crackhead I just like to smoke crack.  I enjoy the other crackheads company.  People please stop talking to these kids like they're your equal.  Stay in an adults place and out of a child's face...Peace....

October 17, 2010

Trading Places..Obama vs. Randolph and Mortimer Duke

I admit for some strange reason I thought that once Obama was elected things would change as far as race being an issue.  For some strange reason it seems as if racism increased. Black people have accomplished so much over the years.  Yet, we still digressed just as much as well. I'm not one to blame the white man for my failures in this life.  But, I will say that the white race plays a big part in a lot of things that goes down in this country.  The whole drama behind us having a black president reminds me of the movie Trading Places. For those who haven't had the opportunity to view this movie, make it your business to do so.  In some racist mind, Obama is merely Billy Ray Valentine.  Just as Randolph and Mortimer Duke thought they were going to bring this black man off the street and control his mind to do whatever they wanted him to do.  The republicans plans blew up in their face just like Randolph and Mortimer.  In their minds they were thinking this, "Bring the nigger in and we'll make him feel accepted.  We'll make him feel like he's apart of something.  All niggers want to be accepted.  Hell, let the nigger get a dog for the wholesome black family effect."  But what they didn't know is that President Obama is a strong, intelligent , intellectual black man first.  He probably looked over the crap that they were suggesting him to agree on and shook his head.  He isn't George Bush, he can read and think for himself.  If we don't get Obama re-elected we are doomed.  This man has made some visible changes that can't be ignored. He extended unemployment, he stopped a war that played a major part in the economy financially, he encouraged our youth that it's okay to dream and have goals, he funded money to different states for more jobs, he gave you honesty from day one, he's an open book and only a fool will disagree with this.  I said enough.  I will love to read your comments concerning this post.  Read, think and then comment.  May you be blessed abundantly......Peace

October 14, 2010


I made a vow that until the midterm election is over I would only blog about the importance of exercising our rights to vote.  Not only exercising our rights to vote but, to ensure that President Obama is re-elected.  I have actually took the time after reading many disturbing and tactless post that were degrading not only to our president but to other African Americans as myself.  I can't believe that some of us are so ignorant to not believe that President Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do from day one. I'm not going to make this a long drawn out post.  However, I will share with you what President Obama has done for us.  See below:

Dream.  Barock Obama made it possible for little black boys to believe in dreams. Jesse Jackson was the closes a black man has came to running for president.  My grandfather told me a black man will never become a president when Obama was running.  My grandfather is 88 yrs old and he has lived to see the first black president.

Voting.  I'm so embarrassed to say this and I promised my cousin/bestfriend that I wouldn't tell anyone other than her this.  I did not vote until President Obama ran for president.  I was one of those people with the ignorant mentality that my vote didn't matter.  I would voice my opinion about world events and my mother would tease me by saying "you didn't vote so your voice isn't heard".  It's sad but true.  Don't go shaking your heads at me.  You know darn well you just learned how to vote too.  But, on a serious note that election was the most crucial time in all of America's history.  You HAD to vote.  That election was so important for the inner-city youth.  The same young guys that some of you turn your nose up at or hold your pocketbook tight when you walk pass them were the ones that probably had the most impact of Obama winning from their vote.  Yes, a lot of the "corner boys" that were able to vote did just that.  Though, I still think that Sarah Palin is actually the one that won it for Obama.  Because after hearing her speak some people said exactly this "Hell No this idiot will not be my vice president".  Okay, you got me there because that is what I was thinking to myself.

Politics.  Personally, I thought politics was the most boring topic ever discussed.  I used to could care less about politics. All I knew is that I was a democrat.   I was taught that the republicans were rich.  So, I said shoot I'm not rich so I guess I am a democrat.  I would literally be upset if the debate was on the same channel as one of my favorite television shows.  I didn't realize nor care of the importance of politics until President Obama.  Shut up it's my blog don't judge me.

I can go on and on about the things that our president had given or should I say shared with us but, this blog will be 400 pages when I am done.  Therefore, I am going to give you a glimpse of what to be prepared for if we don't keep President Barack Obama in office.  Please click on link below to view.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAs_ZmtuKOg

October 11, 2010


Yesterday, I was scrolling through Facebook and a posting of someone speaking negative about the president captured my attention.  To say that it was offensive would be an understatement.  It was not only disrespectful but embarrassing.  I was shocked to hear a black woman disrespect our president so blatantly.  What she failed to realize is that a black president shares similar woes of a black female in this country.  It was verbally written in stone that a black man would never stand a chance as being a president.  Also, it was a time when a black woman would never make more than a man. We meaning "African Americans" has witnessed and became a significant part of history.  Before, I go any further I decided to share with you this post below:

did u c ur prez barack odrama?im tired of his ass keep comin2philly wit these empty ass speeches we r n recession n got problems wit r schools if he aint givin us n e funds he need not2come back if he aint gonna b part of d solution hes part of d problem im nette n i approve dis message money talks bullshit walks

First of all, it might just be me but, I am hearing the voice of Eddie Murphy playing the character, "Buckwheat" from a Saturday Night Live skit.  But, what kills me is that they are blaming this recession on him.  Rome wasn't built overnight.  Therefore, America can't be rebuilt in 8 seconds.  Now, I want you to read the second post following this topic. 

 sum of u ppl need2fall back cuz i dont like obama y'all daddy i dont b joe n b on sum1s nutsack cuz hes blk. sum of y'all blk ppl need2stop waitin4superman n do things4r selves when obama was elected alot of us was like man we got blk pres hes gonna change things. girl stop it.y did he fire that woman when republicans lied on her? u dont fire sum 1b4hearin all d facts im lynnette n i approve dis message

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    • Cassandra WhoIbe Childs HE S DOING HIS BEST THE HELL WITH A SUPERMAN!!!!!! WHAT DO U WANT FROM THE MAN ? im just askn
      16 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Leatrice V Brantley I signed on 4 Team Obama and Im gonna see this thing out..yes, he listened to his advisers without checking the facts for himself...when you look at his SHORT record, he's done things, STOPPED a war..got Health care passed, deregulated the banking & credit card industries, put 3 women on the SUPREME COURT..he won the Nobel Peace Prize and STILL we bitching..Im going to the polls on Nov 2 and VOTE the DEMOCRATIC ticket..
      16 hours ago ·  ·  3 people

    • Lynnette Lucas i dont want shit he needed2get his damn facts straightb4 he decided2fire the woman in his cabinet over sumtin d republicans said then he fucked u p n tried2hire her back but she declined hes a nut
      16 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

      16 hours ago · 

    • Leatrice V Brantley Don't give up the brother just yet..he just found out how this country really works..the corporations, the Bank of America, General Motors, and the drug & oil companies run this M*ther...Could you image a Sarah Pail or Christine O'Donnelle in the White House ..???? No Ma'am..Homeboy is either gonna do right or he's gonna be a "One hit wonder"..but Im sticking it out cuz I don't have a choice..!!!!
      16 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas 

      dont vote democratic vote4 right person n leatrice we had 500 billion surplus n d health insurance was bush agenda look it up. as far as bankin r u serious? he bailed out d bankers who causes this mess n gave banks billions who didnt need ...See More

      16 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Lynnette Lucas c what i mean the brother? like i said a blk thing he aint my brother his dad's shoes wasnt under my mom's bed its all bout color y couldnt u said give d man a chance instead a brother? the oil companies banks n general motors but that clown bailed all of them out when Bo destroyed d gulf pres should went2louisiana n offer apology2family who lost their fam he waited week later
      16 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Lynnette Lucas cassandra girl wat r u talkin bout wat have he done??? like wat? plz tell me i get my facts on web
      16 hours ago · 

    • Leatrice V Brantley Check your facts, Bush inherited a $50 billion surplus from the Clinton Administration..the rest is history..our country is still in a recession because of the Bush era politics..if the banks hadn't been bailed out, everyday people like you & I would be living like the Africans in the Congo or Samolia..I sticking to my light-skinned brother..until some one better shows up..♥
      16 hours ago · 

    • Cassandra WhoIbe Childs i understand u get uryall not even giving the man a chance i mean cum on things take time like he still cleaning up shit bush fucked up like really his tryn fall back n give the man a chance would u !!!!!!!!!
      16 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas ‎500 million surplus sweetie n i do have my facts straight i look up my facts u can find it there go2 congress web site r washington post he bailed out banks who done this in d 1st place givin 2much like they were rewarded4 fuckin up 1st of all he did give all d banks $$$ alot of them sent their $$$ back cuz they said they didnt need it n d ones he bailed n didnt need money spent it friviously on expensive parties vacations
      16 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas wat r u talkin bout girl? go look up ur facts go 2 congress we page n wshington post not just web if everybody read instead of b n on fb they would know that was computers was originally4 educational purposes n fact finding smfh
      16 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas hallelujah n praise d lord brenda finally a person who has sense n reasonable without blinders tell em again dey all crooks sweetie ppl get blinded cuz of looks n color n unfortunately2many of my blk ppl get crazy cuz hes 1st blk pres like hes superman n treatin him like d2nd comin of christ thats y other races r ahead of us we keep waitin4ppl2help us when we need2help ourselves how sad
      16 hours ago · 

    • Leatrice V Brantley We do have options..1. move somewhere else 2. Stay 3. Do something about things you don't like..4..Vote 4 your candidate of

      16 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Lynnette Lucas i do i vote vote but dont wait4sum1 2do sumtin4me
      15 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas yes they r i wish ppl realize this but they dont theyre2busy b n in luv wit obama smh
      15 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas by d way his approval ratings r very low
      15 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas thats funny bren lol
      15 hours ago · 

    • Rasheema Kearney 

      I'm just waiting for Bojangles to start dancing on this page. Obama is doing what he said he would do. Rome wasn't built overnight and neither was America. Obama may not be pulling money out his pocket but he's given our young black men ...See More

      15 hours ago · 

    • Lynnette Lucas child theres a recession im out of a job motivation dont pay d rent d stimulus stimulated unemployment as i stated earlier he bailed out banks n general motors u f*cked up d economy n bailed out banks who caused alot of dis mess n fired d lady who worked4him by lies by republicans he shouldnt have fired her without hearin all d facts i republicans n democrats need2leave my money alone
      14 hours ago · 

      14 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Rasheema Kearney I'm sorry but I don't see where the president is party responsible for you not being employed. Brenda, I don't care how much cotton your family picked or how poor you have grown up because in the end of the day you will never experience the same feelings that we meaning "the black race" felt when Obama was elected to our president. You and I both know that if Obama was white it would be a sign of disrespect the way the white republicans are treating him.
      14 hours ago · 

    • Rasheema Kearney sorry typo. I didn't mean to say party.
      14 hours ago · 

    • Rasheema Kearney Exactly...It's a touchy subject.
      14 hours ago · 

    • Rasheema Kearney What do you mean "with the black people" Next time say with the colored people.
      14 hours ago · 

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    • Lynnette Lucas girl u aint offend me i like ur style n get where ur comin from i wish more ppl were like u
      18 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Brenda Johnson I get really upset about my childhood.
      18 hours ago · 
    • Lynnette Lucas im sorry2hear that n mine werent great either maybe we should get 2getha n listen 2hank williams a tear n my beer lol
      18 hours ago · 
    • Brenda Johnson Garth Brookes friends in low places hahahah.
      18 hours ago · 
    • Lynnette Lucas lol
      18 hours ago · 
 Now, I would like to share the comments posted by someone that was erased and retrieved from my email.
Brenda wrote:
Brenda wrote:
"exactly Lynnette no matter color or repul. or Demo get all the facts before you go and fire someone.  I am so sick of the color issue. I came from a very very very poor white family who picked cotton my mother gave birth to my sister in the damn cotton field."
Brenda wrote:
"my point is my family was picking cotton with the black people and I am happy you feel so much better having OBAMA."
Brenda wrote:
"not worth my time"
Brenda wrote:
"What ever blacked colored make up your mind. what you want white people to call you. Lynette I have much respect for you."
Brenda wrote:
"Yes it is however I felt like white trash all my life not damn president helped any of us either. when you are trageted as white trash you don't get much rights either. my dad worked his ass off. and never got anywhere."
Brenda wrote:
"I would just like to say my prince is a black man he saved my life and I love him and I told him so too."

These are mere comments to disguise the following phrases she would have liked to say:
Niggers get over it.
Whatever it is you people would like for us to call you.
I do like niggers.  I have a nigger friend.
I will not go back and forth with you niggers

This has clearly turned into a modern minstrel show.  I would like to hear your comments and opinions regarding this post.  Thank you guys so much for being a part of my blogging and may God bless you abundantly.

Intense Debate Comments

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