July 28, 2010


Today I seen the most funniest picture ever on Facebook.  It was a police officer sleep on the bench with a gun that actually looked like it was used in a 1970 gang war.  But, what I want to see is what happened when she awakened. I would've been thinking this "Damn I wonder if someone seen me".  I hope this isn't anyone that I know grandmother.  If so, I'm sorry but Keith Williams posted the picture first.  Pay close attention to the gun in the holster. It resembles a slingshot with a bullet.  If  law enforcement does this in other states or countries, I see why they couldn't catch 
"The Barefoot Bandit".  
Barefoot Bandit
I guess you would classify this post under the previous "That Doesn't Make Sense".  Thanks for following and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace............

July 23, 2010


As I sit here writing this post my mind travels to things that people say or do on Social Networks.  It's amazing how freely we share " EVERYTHING"  that goes on in our life.  But, we get so upset when people comment on it.  But, we   revoked all rights to protest others opinions about our life.  This is only because we chose to share each detail on-line.  I surfed social networks such as Face book, Twitter, and Black Planet to see some of the things that I hate the most of Social Networking and to engage in some of the things that I love about it.  Ten topics that have played a part in developing my love/hate relationship with Social Networks.

  1. I absolutely hate when people expose their personal business on face book.  My personal opinion is that somethings should be kept to yourself.  This is why it's named "Personal".  I don't need to know that you are related to your mother through a cousin or uncle.  But, I love the fact that my family and I aren't crazy after all.
  2. I hate when people keep changing their relationship status on face book.  Just to inform you sweethearts your lover changed their status 3 weeks prior to you doing so.  He/She just didn't tell you.  
  3. Who besides myself hate when you send a message on twitter and your fellow tweeters get it as well?  Just follow me back so that I can direct message you.
  4. I despise Black planet sometimes.  Simply because there is a lot of desperate men on there.I received numerous instant messages from men in Africa.  One guy looked like he was posing in a hut with Travel Fox sneakers on.
  5. It irks my soul for someone to push the like button before reading the whole post.  They could say that a relative got hit by a tractor trailer and you'll see twenty people that like their post. 
  6. Face book Philosophers.  It is annoying when a person get on Face book and every other post is about uplifting black people.  I tolerate these post because some of them are beneficial. 
  7. Party Invitations being inbox.  Don't.   I repeat do not keep sending me thirty  invites to the same party.  This leads me to believe that you're frightened no one will come out to celebrate with you.
  8. Face book Preachers.  You really shouldn't put up a post about God and then curse somebody out within 5 minutes on another page.
  9. Deciphering peoples' post.  Stop picking peoples' post apart and thinking that all negative post are to you or about you.  You really aren't that important.
  10. Face book Gang Wars.  I hate when people does this. You aren't hurting anyone but your keyboard.  As much as they irritate me, I love to read their post.
Okay, I shared with you my love/hate relationship with social media.  Now, feel free to share yours.  Thanks for following and may you be blessed abundantly.

July 15, 2010


Sometimes, it's better to keep our thoughts to ourselves.  I say this not because of fear of hurting someones feelings.  However, with fear of how stupid our thoughts can sound aloud.  I know for a fact that some of things that I think are crazy.  But, that's another story.  Because, unlike others mine are expected.  Can you see how dumb that sound?  Yeah, maybe I should take my own advice.  Well, it's just a thought.  Dang, I did it again.  Thanks for following.  May you be blessed abundantly..........Peace!

July 3, 2010

That Doesn't Make Sense

Have you ever thought of the things that you do or have done that makes absolutely no sense?  Well, I am having one of them moments, now.  I've come to realize that alot of things that we do in life are pointless.  As you read further into this post, I am positive that you can relate more than you care to share. 

 Why is it that when we call out of work we rehearse what we are going to say in the mirror at least 10(x)'s before actually calling out? 

 Like I know for a fact that I'm rehearsing my whole reason for about maybe ten minutes.  Hell, I'm awake by then.  Therefore, I might as well go into work.  

Why do people lie to the Department Of Welfare about knowing the father of their child or children?  

Evidently, he's a sorry bastard because you wouldn't have reached out for their help in the first place.

Why do banks harass us when we overdraft?

News flash you pesty bill collectors.  If I had the money I wouldn't of over drafted my account in the first place.

Why do people (mom) write down bill collector's contact number when they call?  

That's just a waste of time.  Because you know damn well that you aren't going to call them back. 

Why do people lie on job interviews when asked why should they hire you?  

Just be honest and say because I need a damn job.

I probably can go on and on about things that we do and say that doesn't make any sense.  But, I choose to stop here.Please post and share some of your this doesn't make sense.  Thank you so much for following and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace........

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