June 2, 2012

The City of Brotherly Hate

Over the last few years we have witnessed the City of Brotherly Love become a City of No Love For Our Brothers.  Our young men are losing their lives by fate at the hands of their own peers. The murders and violence is nothing but a cycle created in the early 70's that was passed down from generation to generation.  This cycle is now on it's 4th generation.  Except, this generation is killing and dealing because of the stories of prior generations that was glorified.  You can't turn on the radio without hearing a rap that boast about drug dealing and degrading women.  You can't turn the television on without breaking news alerting us about another black male murdered.  The elderly is out living the youth.  Chances are that your Grandparents might live longer than your 8yr old son.  This my readers is the brutal truth.  But, this is when we as parents must show our children examples of what could happen if they get involved in the street life.  It's time that we teach our children to lead by their own example and break the cycle of poor examples set before them.  . A lot of articles that I write about may look to some that I am praising those that have made bad choices.  That is far from the truth.  I give two examples with each piece that I write. I give you the good first.  Then, I give you possible outcomes.  That way if a younger person is reading this blog they're going to get this impression, "So and so is living the life.  But, had he not been living the life he would've been reading this article, now.  You can't tell a child to not do something without probable reasoning of why they shouldn't do it.  This has become a doggy dog world and if you aren't prepared for it, you'll be eaten alive.  Listed below is an interview that I did on a very good friend of mine named, Maseo.  Also, view the trailer below of soon to come documentary, "Tailor Made". This is life of reputed J.B.M. member, Leroy Bucky Davis.  This is one of the stories that give you the good and the bad side.  Thank you all so much for your constant support.  May you be blessed and blessed enough to bless someone else.  Peace....
OR:   A lot of times we tend to adopt the mentality of black men straying because of their upbringing in the home. Some men blame it on the father not being present or whatever else society leads us to believe for the black male to go astray. What directed you to the street game and at what age?

MM:  I was 14 fresh out of grade school and my nephew asked me to go half on a ounce of weed to sell joints in school with the promise of doubling my money in one day

OR:  What type of criminal activity did you partake in?

MM:  I was really non active in the criminal element until that day my Nephew Jamal asked me that question from there I was off to the races Mostly weed selling

OR:  Were you ever arrested? If so, for what and at what age?
MM: My first arrest was at age 18 for a robbery I did not commit 

OR:  I’m almost positive that your parents were unaware of your street activity in the beginning. What age did your parents find out and how?
MM:  My parents did not become aware until I was 16 years of age and by than I was no longer living at home but each and everyday my dad would try his hardest to talk me out of the streets

OR:  What was their reaction?
MM:  When they discovered my life style I was immediately given an ultimatum stop or get out so as I stated at 16 I was on my own

OR:  Were you ever convicted of a crime and sentenced? If so, why and how long?
MM:  I was sentenced for the robbery which I did not commit because of racism the judge said just because I did not do it does not mean I don't know the people that did

OR:  Even in an illegal business field vs. legal employment one can possess strong points. Meaning one can have their own qualities that can assist he/she to excel. How did you excel in the street business?
MM:  I excelled by loyalty and staying away from any kind of violence I made it a point to make money and go home no matter what the money would not be the issue for any violence as well as remembering that loyalty is the key be strictly about the business at hand and pick up a routine so nothing gets repetition

OR:  The saying is the only way out of the street is dead or incarcerated. Then you have a handful that have dodged the bullets and literally grew old in the streets. What made you walk away from it all?
MM:  My wife and kids period I want to see my grandchildren go away to college

OR:   How were you able to stay away from it all?
MM:  Nothing comes easy and the price you pay is your life there are no rules in the limelight except dance and dancing can be sex , murder , whatever your style but the DJ has no picks about who wins the only winners are those who never play in the first place.
OR:  What advice do you have for that easily influenced young male that is fascinated with the glitz and glamour of the streets?
MM:  I can go on and on on why we as blacks should never cater to the glitz but the best reason is our lives are worth so much more.

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