December 7, 2011

The Rackett

Amos and Andy was the first all black cast show to air in 1951.  In 1956, Nat King Cole was the first to air on network television.  These shows laid the foundation for today's television.  Today, we have more African Americans that are directing, producing, writing and many more things that involve the quality of television shows.  This is a major accomplishment.  But, the only way that we will continue to succeed is if we support one another.  One way of support is by word of mouth.  Social Media has become the best way of advertisement as well.  Use Face book and Twitter for things of importance. Start now by supporting Philadelphia's own Lux.  Lux has created a new series that was filmed in Philadelphia.  The name of the series is "The Rackett".  I linked a preview of the trailer and ask that you go to "The Rackett" fan page on face book.  By liking this page you are supporting the Urban community.  Click below for a preview of "The Rackett"
Thank you so much for your constant support.  May you all be blessed abundantly. Peace...

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