June 18, 2011

Nia Long's Young Beau, T.O.'s publicist, Mo and Kita Go Ham On Evelyn From Basketball Wives,, Tawanna Iverson Address The Divocre Rumors, New Alanta Housewive's Member Give NeNe Leakes Competition, and Lil John's Son, Nathan Models

I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Baccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck.  I know that I was M.I.A. for a minute.  I sincerely apologize.  However, I am back and I have the latest.
I don't know about you but I am a big fan of Nia Long.  She is so beautiful. Well, she's about to be a mommy for the second time around according to an interview in People's magazine. She is pregnant with NBA baller, Ima Udoka.  Check him out ladies.  He is fine.  First of all, Nia is a cougar.  Ima is 33yrs old and she is 40.  The couple have been together for two years.  Nia has a child that is now 10yrs old from a previous relationship and this will be Ima's first.  Congratulations to the couple on their bundle of joy.

I have to be the biggest Reality Television nut there is.  But, The T.O. Show was a show that I never missed an upcoming episode, seriously.  It was so emotional.  I was a big fan of T.O. when he came to Philadelphia and I'm still a big fan.  But, his amigo, Chad Ochocinco made the crazy mistake of hooking up with Basketball Wives, Evelyn Vasquez.  Actually, the two have been getting a lot of attention.   I wonder  what T.O. thinks of his amigo's choice in a wife. Well, we may not hear his opinion but, we will hear what the girls we grew to love and welcome into our home via DVR Kita and Mo think of the couple.  Check  out the footage below of Kita & Mo going in on Evelyn from Basketball Wives....

Allegedly, Allen Iverson and his wife, Tawanna are calling it quits.  A lot of rumors were circulating in the media that it was due to Allen being a cheat but, again they are rumors.  We all know that rumors start with the truth and end with a movie.  Anyway, Tawanna was kind enough to share this with TMZ although she gave you more than I would have if it was my marriage.  Check out brief statement provided by TMZ below,,,,
"Cheating in the marriage has never been an issue. My decision to divorce has nothing to do with another woman...Sometimes people just grow apart and it's just that simple...Many people want this to be more complicated than that and it's not."
It is official, The Real Housewives of Atlanta has hired another cast member.  Marlo Hampton has already started taping for the show.  If you aren't familiar with Marlo I'm positive that you are familiar with her fiance NFL player, Charles Grant.  This is the baller that NeNe Leakes were actually rumored to be having an affair with.  Of Course, she denied it to the end.  Anyway, this is rumored to be the season to watch out for.  NeNe isn't favored at all on this coming season.  I say she will not be missed. 
.Whenever, I Hear of children doing positive things it warms my heart. Because of society statistics on black male children not succeeding is part of the reason I am extra estactic each time a black child does something to drop that statistic another mark.  Well, Lil John's son, Nathan is definitely a child to be proud of as well.  At the age of 12, he  has a career in modeling.  He is truly a handsome little boy.  A few years ago he was featured with his father in a campaign named, Famous Stars and Straps.  But, music is seen to be his fortege'.  Nathan has composed a mixed tape under the name DJ Young Slade.  Congratulations, Nathan may you go very far.

Well, we have reached this time again and I must say good bye.  I thank you for your support and I am prayerful that we all continuously be blessed abundantly....Peace.....

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