June 8, 2011

Text Gangwar Between The Hollywood Street King and Evelyn From Basketball Wives, Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives Gives On Air Interview About How She Was Portrayed On Reality Show

Garcelle Beauvais opens up in this Months issue of Jet Magazine about her marriage.  She speaks about the dishonesty displayed by her husband during their marriage.  She also tells how the last thing in the world she expected was for her husband to cheat.  Here's what she says about her feelings when she found out that her husband was cheating.
I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Not because I am special, but because I have such high regard for people, especially the people in my life. When I love, I love deeply. When I trust, I trust deeply. I wasn’t this wife that was in complete denial. I think he presented himself a certain way that allowed me to have full faith in him.
It seems as if she's fine with the current situations.  Although, others find it impossible to deal with such in a nonchalant manor.  I say good for you, "Fancy".
Not many days has past since The Hollywood Street King used Evelyn from Basketball Wive's Fiance', Chad Oschocinco as a blind item.  It was easy to guess because as soon as he put her name attached to do it was a did give away.  Anyway, Evelyn happened to read what Jacky Jasper the owner of Hollywood Street King wrote.  Let's just say that she was too pleased.  In fact, read below her comments on the subject.
“you could tell that you didnt go to public school because your grammer is horrible. your nothing but a one hit wonder. you most likely call most female celebrities sluts because they were too smart to get with you. your not a hollywood street king. more like a hollywood hobo. get a life and stop talking about other people because im pretty sure no one is talking about you. your not a factor. yea you worked with ike and snoop but you aint shit. hahha ike aint shit either. why would you be proud to work with a wife beater. tina made him anyway. and your just a has been. you didnt have any billboard number 1′s. get over yourself.”
Now, what she didn't know is that Jacky is a fire cracker in his own right.  This is what his reply to her text was.

Hey Evelyn, face! You are a whore who would do anything for material things, and the only men you fall for are tricks and bi-sexual. Don’t believe me? Ask Chad Ochocinco.
Evelyn, I don’t care about celebrities – period! They mean shit to me, because stars are in the sky and whores like you will always be around. Face it Evelyn…you’re a harlot, so wear the cap you long-faced, Great Dane looking bitch. You’re much more than a whore…you’re also an alcoholic who is most likely addicted to prescription pills – carried over from recovery following your string of plastic surgeries.

So, guess what Evelyn? You’re the one who’s the mother fucking non-factor. Know why? Because you have a pimp named Shaune O’Neal mane.

Shaunie and other executive producers of the show tell you what to do! Know why? Because whores need to be told what to, they’re fucking stupid. If you don’t believe me just think back to when your Nicca dumped you after 10-years, because he’d rather gamble all of his money away and chase other whores than to come home to you. If you still don’t know why he bounced, let me take this opportunity to tell you the answer – It’s because your puss is soggy (and, it’s no stranger to Monistat 1, 3 and 7) you funky bitch! And, you better believe that I’d tell you that to your face…You don’t want it from a real dude. Know why? Because you’ve been dating them dudes like Ochocinco (who like dildos up their asses), so you’re thinking all men are like them punk ass tricks – but you’re dead wrong.

You’ve got one thing right – I would be like Ike Turner and put a foot in your ass, but I’m sure your co-star Tami will beat me to it! I’m hoping Tami punches you in your horse mouth, only to watch your veneers lay in a puddle of piss.

You’re a non- factor. Know why? Because your own flesh and blood – your daughter – is ashamed of you, and her friends call you a slut. But you don’t care, because all that you do care about is spreading your legs and getting attention. If you weren’t getting that attention on your pimp Shaunie’s show, you would have an ad on Eros.
You like young boys – that’s why your daughter is afraid to bring her boyfriends around you. And, I know you sniff coke because your face is so hard and you sleep with men who sleep with men! Don’t you know that’s how disease is spread? How old are you? Shouldn’t you act like a role model, because you’re a mother? And tell your friend Jen that’s she not celibate, because we all know that you’re licking her puss.

Finally, we get to hear Meeka Claxton speak.  Meeka is the newest member on Basketball Wives that is already known as the trouble maker out of the crew.  She met up with Radio Talk Show, "The Breakfast Club" for an on-air interview touching on the way that she's portrayed on Basketball Wives Season 3.  Check out the interview below.

As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant support.  May God continue to bless with abundantly.  Peace......


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