September 25, 2011

With Eyes From Both Sides

I recently was granted the opportunity to do an interview with Author and Widow Thelma Wright.  For those of you who aren't familiar with her story I will briefly update you.  Thelma Wright is the widow of deceased Black Mafia member, Jackie Wright.  She has written a book named, "With Eyes From Both Sides".  The book is about her life with and without her husband.  She gives descriptive details of life in and out of the game. After her husband was murdered, she continued on with his business.  She handled her business with a different approach and surpassed many men in the game.  She shortly was labeled a Queen Pin by many.  Thelma has a message that is delivered classy but fierce. This book is definitely something that should be shared with both young females and males. 
OR: First of all, after reading "With Eyes From Both Sides" I have to ask what inspired you to write the book?
TW: For many years I felt this was a story that needed to be told. There were questions regarding my relationship with my husband and his untimely death. I wanted to set the record straight, in addition I wanted people to know the consequences of getting involved in the game.
OR:You mentioned real names and actual events that took place. At anytime, did you feel like your life was or will be in danger?
TW: No, not all the names were correct. I didn't feel I would be in danger because this was my story about my life. Those were just some of the events that took place during that time.
OR:From reading your book I think that it's fair to say that you come from a normal upbringing. Meaning, a two parent household and loving family. What attracted you to your first love, Maleek?
TW:Maleek was a guy that came along when I was very young and naive.  He had money and exposed me to some of the finer things in life.  But, in reality there was no real love.

OR:In a lot of books, readers find themselves infatuated with certain characters. For me and many other readers that character would be Jackie Wright. He seemed smooth and charismatic. Was this what attracted you to him?
TW: Absolutely, very charming, handsome, easy to talk to, we had a lot in common. More importantly, a real man.

OR: Before you two were married you mentioned that he shot you in the leg. Although, many women will voice their opinion of why staying with him wasn't a wise decision. We both know being a woman first and in love second that many would have stayed in the relationship as well. Were you ridiculed and judged for your decision? If so, how did you feel?
TW:  No, I wasn' least not to my face.

OR:  After you and Jackie were married with a beautiful child it seemed like things took turns for the worst. Meaning the murders, adultery, and his drug use. How did you hold it together and weather the storm?
TW:  That time was difficult for me. There were times I wanted to leave him, I wanted my son to have a life with his father so I was often torn between what was right from wrong. I loved Jackie very much but I didn't want that life for my son. When Jackie decided to send us away, I felt that was God's way of opening the door for us and I promised to never return at least not to that life the way things were.

OR:  The saddest part of the book was when your son realized that his Father wasn't coming back. Even at this very moment I'm teary-eyed. I can only imagine the pain you felt. I couldn't imagine having to tell my son that his father was killed and he will never see him again. Was it hard to open up and share that tad bit with your readers? If so, why?
TW:  Yes that was one of the most difficult times for me while doing the book. I cried all over again as if it had just happened. A mother never wants her child to hurt in anyway, and that day I felt his pain deep inside of me.

OR:  After your husband died, you continued on with his business. You maintained the business relationship of his supplier and players in the game. You were young, smart and beautiful. What made you want to be involved in the game at that level? Is it something that you grew accustomed to? Is it a possibility that you were more so addicted to the lifestyle?
TW:  Prior to my husband's associate asking me to help them continue to go on after his death, I never thought about stepping into his shoes. I was accustomed to living a good lifestyle but my whole objective was to make as much money as possible to provide for my son in the future. We always believe that things will be different when we do them but that was not the case.  

OR:  Going towards the end of the book you mentioned a new love, "AJ". I think everybody fell in love with that character. AJ seemed to be doing it big time. I'm certain that by you being a woman of a certain status men can feel somewhat intimidated. At any point in your relationship with not only AJ but others as well did your status intimidate those you were dating?
TW:  Well with "AJ" we are good. We understand one another, we have a lot in common. We don't allow our ego's to get in the way. We compliment one another. We are secure within our own right. With other men, I can admit yes there was intimidation on their part because I guess they were not secure within themselves. 

OR:  We have so many young women out here that is searching for their own Jackie Wright. There are so many young girls that are blinded by material things. They're so blinded that they don't realize the things that come along with it. What advise do you have for these sisters and the parents that are raising them?
Parents support your Daughters make them understand that when their is no one else they can trust and count on you. Attempt to understand and be their for them and most importantly, Love them unconditionally!
As I stated many times in previous post, by no means do I glorify illegal activities in any form, shape or fashion.  However, I glorify those whom are willing to share their testimonies to help someone else.  Your testimony is useless if you don't share it.  Nobody learns from a story untold.  Be blessed and make it a priority to purchase this book.  You can read more about Thelma Wright and purchase the book with a preview at  Thank you all for your constant support.  Peace to all.......

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