October 16, 2011

Senseless Murders

I am currently working on two articles.  One article is regarding the victims survivors of those that were murdered in the streets of Philadelphia.  The goal of this project is to give those who commit or are contemplating committing a crime, the end results of senseless murders.  I want the emotions of  siblings, children, mother/father, girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, etc. of those who are affected by these murders.  Hopefully, this will make a difference with our sometimes careless choices we make in life.  It is time to make these politicians such as senators, governors, mayors, and state representatives prove that they deserve to be in the positions they are currently in or are requesting votes to be elected.  Make them earn it.  They need to not only give answers but assure us that our crime rate will go down, that our murder rate will go down, that they are all for re-building the city of Philadelphia in a positive manner.  This is important.  If you have or know someone that experienced a loss in a result of violence in Philadelphia or anywhere else for that matter please share.  Share how you felt when you got the call that your loved one was hurt, that your loved one was left for dead, etc.  A solution can't be given if we DO NOT address the problem.  Please contact me at rasheemakearney@yahoo.com .  The questions are brief and can be sent to you via email.  Thank you all for your constant support.

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