July 3, 2010

That Doesn't Make Sense

Have you ever thought of the things that you do or have done that makes absolutely no sense?  Well, I am having one of them moments, now.  I've come to realize that alot of things that we do in life are pointless.  As you read further into this post, I am positive that you can relate more than you care to share. 

 Why is it that when we call out of work we rehearse what we are going to say in the mirror at least 10(x)'s before actually calling out? 

 Like I know for a fact that I'm rehearsing my whole reason for about maybe ten minutes.  Hell, I'm awake by then.  Therefore, I might as well go into work.  

Why do people lie to the Department Of Welfare about knowing the father of their child or children?  

Evidently, he's a sorry bastard because you wouldn't have reached out for their help in the first place.

Why do banks harass us when we overdraft?

News flash you pesty bill collectors.  If I had the money I wouldn't of over drafted my account in the first place.

Why do people (mom) write down bill collector's contact number when they call?  

That's just a waste of time.  Because you know damn well that you aren't going to call them back. 

Why do people lie on job interviews when asked why should they hire you?  

Just be honest and say because I need a damn job.

I probably can go on and on about things that we do and say that doesn't make any sense.  But, I choose to stop here.Please post and share some of your this doesn't make sense.  Thank you so much for following and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace........

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