July 28, 2010


Today I seen the most funniest picture ever on Facebook.  It was a police officer sleep on the bench with a gun that actually looked like it was used in a 1970 gang war.  But, what I want to see is what happened when she awakened. I would've been thinking this "Damn I wonder if someone seen me".  I hope this isn't anyone that I know grandmother.  If so, I'm sorry but Keith Williams posted the picture first.  Pay close attention to the gun in the holster. It resembles a slingshot with a bullet.  If  law enforcement does this in other states or countries, I see why they couldn't catch 
"The Barefoot Bandit".  
Barefoot Bandit
I guess you would classify this post under the previous "That Doesn't Make Sense".  Thanks for following and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace............

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