October 22, 2010

Blue on Black Crimes

Yesterday morning as I was getting dressed for worked I came across an interesting topic on the news.  Unfortunately, it wasn't surprising to me.  Danroy Henry, a junior at Pace University’s Westchester County campus was  shot and killed by police.  Of course, as what has become the normal excuse for the law when they kill was that they were attacked first.  That song is so longggggggggggg.  At one time we were protesting about black on black crime.  Now, it seems an urgent protest is needed for "law on citizen" crimes.  This is the reason for a lot of animosity that people have for the police.  The sad thing is that there actually are some good cops out there but as always the bad overshadows the good.  Seriously, the police have been on a downward path for quite some years nows.  Let's travel back a few years.  

This actually happened after an all white protest to keep blacks from attending the same school as white people.  I'm not going to lie, images like this disgust me especially when you hear the reason. It makes me want to kick a kid ass for not taking advantage of an education.  They went through all of that so that we could get to this.

But, our kids in this generation decided to start a flash mob in place of getting the education people fought and was humiliated for.  Sorry for taking this to another direction. I'll leave that subject for another post.  Okay, side track is over.  Police Brutality is something that has been going on for decades and decades.  It doesn't make it any better when your mayor consents and enforce this violent behavior.  Let's take it back to Frank Rizzo.  He did everything degrading to a black man including of forcing the The Black Panther Party of Philadelphia to strip naked and stand before flashing lights of numerous cameras.  All he was missing was a noose.  Although, police brutality is happening in other states as well, I would like to mainly focus on Philly cops.  I don't think the civilians of Philadelphia will ever forget the beating of three black men caught on tape.  View Picture below. 

Before I end this post I would like to say again that not all Philly cops are bad.   Please view footage below of how the police planted drugs on a black homeless lady.  Please read and comment.  Thanks......

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