October 17, 2010

Trading Places..Obama vs. Randolph and Mortimer Duke

I admit for some strange reason I thought that once Obama was elected things would change as far as race being an issue.  For some strange reason it seems as if racism increased. Black people have accomplished so much over the years.  Yet, we still digressed just as much as well. I'm not one to blame the white man for my failures in this life.  But, I will say that the white race plays a big part in a lot of things that goes down in this country.  The whole drama behind us having a black president reminds me of the movie Trading Places. For those who haven't had the opportunity to view this movie, make it your business to do so.  In some racist mind, Obama is merely Billy Ray Valentine.  Just as Randolph and Mortimer Duke thought they were going to bring this black man off the street and control his mind to do whatever they wanted him to do.  The republicans plans blew up in their face just like Randolph and Mortimer.  In their minds they were thinking this, "Bring the nigger in and we'll make him feel accepted.  We'll make him feel like he's apart of something.  All niggers want to be accepted.  Hell, let the nigger get a dog for the wholesome black family effect."  But what they didn't know is that President Obama is a strong, intelligent , intellectual black man first.  He probably looked over the crap that they were suggesting him to agree on and shook his head.  He isn't George Bush, he can read and think for himself.  If we don't get Obama re-elected we are doomed.  This man has made some visible changes that can't be ignored. He extended unemployment, he stopped a war that played a major part in the economy financially, he encouraged our youth that it's okay to dream and have goals, he funded money to different states for more jobs, he gave you honesty from day one, he's an open book and only a fool will disagree with this.  I said enough.  I will love to read your comments concerning this post.  Read, think and then comment.  May you be blessed abundantly......Peace

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