October 21, 2010

Classic Sesame Street - Roosevelt Franklin Loud & Soft

Yesterday, I wrote a post regarding the black puppet singing on Sesame Street about the love of her hair.  I was under the impression that this was the first black puppet to air on Sesame Street.  I found out from two of my older cousins that Roosevelt Franklin was actually Sesame Street first black puppet on air in 1971.  I was shocked to this revelation and searched for the footage of the his scenes.  My son Malik and I watched it together.  If I had one word only to describe it, It would be phenomenal.  From what I read, Roosevelt became very popular in his short time on the show.  He was known because of his love of rhymes and poetry.  Sad to say but some thought that the character represented a negative cultural stereotype and he was shortly removed from the show.  The crazy thing is that Roosevelt wasn't a black puppet.  Roosevelt was purple with black bushy hair.  Now, that is what you call judging a book by it's cover.  Please view video and leave comments...Thanks...:)

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