October 18, 2010

Stay In An Adult's Place

I come to the realization that today's parenting is nothing like the parenting that we experienced as children.  The new age parents choose to be their children(s) friend opposed to being the authority figure in the household.  Not only is this with their own child but, with other children as well.  There was a time when conversations between adults stayed amongst themselves.  Now, children have been given the right to comment or join in on adult conversation.  Then, when the shit hits the fan they want to call the child too grown or tell them to stay in a child's place.  For no reason should any mother or father feel comfortable enough to expose personal information about a child's parent to a child.  Regardless of how mature the child is   The part that kills me is that when they expose information they withhold the things that they do.  For instance, Your mama's a hoe but, I'm not I just like to be around hoes.  Come on that is like saying I'm not a crackhead I just like to smoke crack.  I enjoy the other crackheads company.  People please stop talking to these kids like they're your equal.  Stay in an adults place and out of a child's face...Peace....

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