August 4, 2010

The First Black President Before Obama

Beings as though August 4th is the birthday of our second black president, Barack Obama I will not only honor him.  I will show appreciation to our first black president, Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton has truly represented throughout his presidency.  He pardoned some of our baby's daddy. Although, some of whom went right back.  He and Barack are two of the coolest black presidents ever.  I know that some of you are scratching your heads right now.  Some of you are probably saying this, "You idiot, Clinton isn't black". Well my readers, Clinton does or have done everything that a black man loves.  That is play music (his saxophone), smoke reefer, and talk a lot of shit.  You didn't suspect Clinton of being white until you seen his wife, Hillary Clinton's reaction after the famous oval office professional.  Kudos to Monica Lewinsky.  
Thank you guys so much for following and please know that this post is only in fun.  Be blessed and pass your blessings on.  Peace.......

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