August 29, 2010

White People Crimes Are So Predictable

I was sitting with my son watching the news and something came to mind.  I don't know if this is just me but, I can almost predict the race of certain criminals based on the crime committed.  I know, I know it doesn't make any sense.  But, I'm more than positive that you can do the same.  I'm going to prove it to you.  White people and Black people crimes are so predictable.  However, there is certain things that a person of color won't even think of doing.

For instance, lover's quarrel male found with gun in mouth and wife's body is found laying beside him.  That is definitely a white person's doing.  You see us black folk are very self absorbed. Granted a black man may have killed a woman but, turning the gun on himself afterwards would not have happened.

Parents found dead and  insurance policy is missing.  Again, a white man.  First of all, half us black people don't even have insurance.  None that's worth offing our parents, anyway.  Now if the headline would've read parents dead after not paying an old debt to son it would've been no doubt a black person.

Kid missing last seen with stepmother.  The police doesn't need any clues.  I figured this out as soon as I seen it.  His white stepmother killed him because a black woman wouldn't even had the kid in the first place.  Shoot, we barely have our own damn kids.  

Last but not least, Man arrested for robbing the check cashing place.  This is MOST definitely a black man.  The majority of Black America don't have a bank account.  

There you have it.  I gave you four crimes that was so predictable.  If you have any you might want to add please share.  Thanks for supporting my site and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace........

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