August 8, 2010


America exercising freedom of speech is merely a contradiction.  I truly believe that America is one of the most hypocritical country ever.  They say we have freedom of speech.  But, they fail to state that with every word we utter that displeases them in some way has repercussions.  If America encourages "freedom of speech" there shouldn't be penalties for some of things that come out of mouths.  Listed below are a few briefs questions that I have regarding "freedom of speech"

Why can't I tell my neighbor that the hired help built their steps too high without them telling me to mind my business?
Why can't I tell my employer to kiss my entire ass without her terminating my employment?
Why can't I tell the crying baby in the market to shut the hell up without her mother whooping my ass?
Why can't I tell my lover that he sucks sexually without bruising his ego?
Why can't I tell my co-worker that she is an ass kisser without stimulating an argument?
Why can't I tell my fellow face book friend that his post suck and he really needs to stop trying to be a face book preacher without him taking offense?
Why can't I tell the annoying old lady that rings the bell every Saturday morning to stop trying to sell me on the Jehovah Witness religion without being labeled as rude?
Why can't I tell my talkative eight year old to shut the hell up without damaging his feelings?
Why can't I tell the nosey people in my life that I really don't give a flying shit about other people's business without being a butt?  That one I'm going to take back because I am just as nosey.

Anyway, I'm more that positive that I made my point.  Think about this topic and post a few of your questions so that we can discuss more.  Thanks for following and may you be blessed abundantly.

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