August 3, 2010


It kills me how "My people" meaning the black race has invented and accomplished so much over the years and much deserved credit isn't given.  Today, I acknowledge a few things my people created and please do so as well.
My people were the first to transform a country crock spread container into Tupperware.

My people were the first to use an Ashford & Simpson album cover in place of a dust pan.
My people were the first to use a cut-out cardboard with numbers as a license plate.

My people were the first to create a language, perfect the language, and label it "EBONICS"
My people were the first to take shorthand texts and utilize them in an everyday conversation between two people..  I'm talking about OMG, FOH, LMAO, CTFU, LOL, and let's not forget the term "In my______ voice"
My people increased the amount of glassware in household by collecting jelly jars. You haven't had real kool-aid until you drank it from the jelly jar.

Chinese people may have created the idea to sell loose cigarettes.  But, my people were the first to invent the three per person loose rule.

My people were the first to purchase sneakers more expensive than their monthly rent.
My people were the first to realize that keeping your cable on keeps your channels clear without an antenna.
My people invented the changing of the gender sticker on a trespass to avoid paying carfare.

My people are the first whomever sold a bootleg to the actual starring actor, Kevin Hart.

My people are the first to buy a foreign vehicle and hide it from the repo man every night.

After writing this post, I have come to the conclusion that we meaning "black people" are smart, thrifty,and crafty. Thanks for following and may you be blessed abundantly.

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