August 14, 2010

Urban Celebrity Gossip

Hello my beautiful people this is a topic that I vowed never to get into when starting this site.  But, our ethnic entertainers and public figures have been bringing so much drama to the media circus.  So let's sit back and either shake our heads or laugh our behinds off.

DMX was released from one of his many prison visits to be once again apprehended by the Crips (boys in blue, police).  Apparently, DMX was speeding in a rented Mercedes Benz just hours after being released from college (prison).  This was just a minor traffic violation and he is scheduled to appear in court for the issued citation.
What the hell is goes through this dude's mind.  I love DMX although I have not the slightest idea of what he's saying the majority of the time.  I'm starting to wonder if DMX has a girlfriend in the slammer.

Laurence Fishbourne's daughter, Montana announces that she would like to be an adult porn star.  This is disgusting.  I don't even want to get into this topic.  So, let's move on.  NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the silence has been broken about these two break-up.  Not too long after the death of Janet Jackson's brother , Michael Jackson the public was alerted of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri's break up.  No one announced the reasons that they split and left curious people like you and I to make our own assumptions.  Apparently, Janet Jackson dumped Jermaine after finding out that he impregnated a stripper from a Magic City's Gentlemen Club.  Kudos to the stripper and middle finger to the Little Leprechaun, Jermaine Dupri.

As a lot of you probably know Kanye West and Amber Rose are no longer together.  Now that's one couple's break-up of many that no one is heartbroken about.  She was totally not on Kanye's level. She brought hood to his sophisticated world. Apparently, Kanye had a wake up call and came to his senses. He shared with radio personality, Angie Martinez that she isn't the type of woman he wants to have kids with.  Translation readers, he doesn't want his kids born by a slut bag.  Good choice Kanye and best of wishes.

I know that you all are probably tired of the Fantasia attempting suicide over married boyfriend.  But, the thing that gets me with all of this is she's actually being sued.  Thinking with my heart if I was wife I would probably just let it go because time heals all wombs.  However, thinking with my head I would sue as well.  The both of them totally disregard the vows that him and his wife made before God.  Therefore, he nor she will be disregarding this lawsuit or the multiple zero's behind the requesting amount.

Well this is just a little bit of urban gossip for you folks like myself that just like to mind their business.  Ha Ha I had to laugh after that statement myself.  Thanks for visiting and do come back

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