August 14, 2010

Things To Bring N-Word Out Of Anyone

I'm sitting here and reading the lame apology delivered by Dr.Laura Smith for using the word "Nigger".  It's crazy because in the Urban  dialect the N-word is used  very often.  Some of us choose to sustain from using it but the majority of us continue.  I am so guilty of this  and can't make any promises to stop using it.  Some of us argue the fact that it isn't offensive if we say "nigga" opposed to "nigger".  Nigga isn't a word, though.  I guess that makes us a dumb nigger.  The real bizarre thing is that the research of the word "Nigger" is a tedious task to do.  I had to find the definition in the urban dictionary online.  Nigger actually describes an ignorant, uneducated, foolish individual regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  If this is true then we all have a little nigger in us.  Below is a brief list of things to bring out the nigger in everyone of all races.

  • A cheating spouse.  I don't care what color or beliefs you may practice, if your man/women cheats on you all standards go out the window that very moment.  We become irate and prove the lyrics to that song.  "I'll Bust The Windows Out Your Car"
  • Mistreatment of our children.  When someone hurt our children it is the ultimate disrespect.  In my hood, we're walking on your porch with a jar of Vaseline and four cornrows to the back.
  • Termination of employment.  You can be orange mixed with purple.  If you get fired first thing in the morning not only are you going postal because you lost your job but, they could have told you all of that on the phone before you came to work.
  • The foreign customer service representative at the telephone company.  He doesn't understand you and  vice verse.  However, his reply to each question is "How's the weather there?"  Unbelievable.
  • That annoying telemarketer.  Everyone hates to answer the phone when it's not for them.  You try to get them off the phone politely but, that makes them more persistent.  Therefore, we resort to a more foul choose of words such as, Fuck Off already.
This is a topic that I can go on and on about.  But, it will make this post extremely long.  But, I look forward to hearing your topics.  Thank you guys so much for following and may blessed be stored upon you.  Peace....

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