September 18, 2010

Beware Homework Time Again

Some of you probably have asked themselves this question a million times, already.  Do white parents have as hard of a time doing homework with their children opposed to black parents. If so, what is it that black parents lack during homework time?  Hmm....I think it's patience.  That has to be it.  Your children come home from school excited and they talking your head off non-stop about what they learned and how they were rewarded with this for that and that for this.  Then, come homework time their asses sit there dumb as a doorknob.  Now, you just received a 200 for winning the spelling bee of 10 words. If you don't spell the word C-A-T right, I am going to make you wish that you were a cat.  Come on homework time is a nightmare for some of us.  I'll never forget being a little girl and my mother helping me with my math homework.  For the life of me I couldn't get the answer to 4+4.  Man, when I say I hate the number 8 it's an understatement of how much I despise it.  Now, I get to relive the same exact nightmare twice with my boys.  Well that's my thoughts on homework.  I positive a lot of you can relate.  Please share your dislike about homework with your little ones.  Thank you for visiting and may you be blessed abundantly.

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