September 6, 2010

A Child's Laughter Is The Remedy Of A Broken Heart

There is nothing more genuine than a child's love when experiencing a broken heart.  Especially, when nothing seems to help soothe the pain.  I have had my share of that pain and pray not to ever experience it again.

I'll never forget when my children's father and I were on the outs and when I say that I was hurt, that is just a mere understatement.  I was devastated.  I thought that my world would crumble.  Of course, I knew that it wouldn't but, that's what my heart felt like.  I was crying my heart out.  I'm talking about a cry that one gets after their mother spank them and your words sound like you have the hiccups.  Yes, doll it was that bad.  Anyway, I'm crying, hiccuping and sliding down the wall at the same time.  I cry out to my son, Malik.  He was 4yrs old at the time.  "Malik mommy is so sad"  He walked over to me silently and looked me up and down.  You could see his little brain going 100 miles per minute.  He slid down the same wall and was laughing hysterically.  My guess is that he was thinking what an asshole my mother looks like.  The funny thing is my crying turned in to the most enjoyable laugh that I had in a long time.

Thank you guys for visiting my site and may you be blessed and share your blessings.  Peace......

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