September 8, 2010

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty

Every time I see the movie Shallow Hal it reminds me of my son. Not that Malik is shallow.  But, the fact that he recognizes inner beauty at such a tender age.  The things that kids think and say in these days and times are absolutely priceless.

Yesterday was my 8yr old son, Malik's first day back to school.  He is now a 3rd grader.  As expected when I came home from work, I asked all about his day and the events that transpired.  Of course, like myself he is very talkative.  Therefore, he had a lot to share.  One of the things that Malik shared with me was about two "unique" people that he met his first day at recess.  I emphasize the word "unique" because these are his exact words.  When I asked Malik why did he call the two kids unique he said this "Mom, they were born deformed but they are unique".  That blew my mind hearing that from an eight year old.  He said it isn't nice to call them deformed so he thought that "unique" would describe them perfectly.  There is a little boy who is really tiny and a little girl whom back is hunched and her face is sort of twisted.  This touched my heart deeply.

Today, when I came home Malik told me about his day again.  Everything was good.  Thank God.  He told me that he had the chance to play with his now "beautiful" friend again.    I said Malik, "Day 2 and you're calling her beautiful already"  He then told me that a few of the other kids were calling her mean names.  Then he said "I  told her that she has a beautiful smile".  This experience in all was an eye opener for me.  It was a lesson taught by an eight year old that says your inner beauty outshines the outer beauty.  Get to know the character before critiquing the book.

Thank you guys so much for supporting my site and may you be blessed abundantly....Peace....

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