September 12, 2010

Never Look Down On A Person Unless Your Extending Your Right Hand To Help Them Up

When the health care bill was first revised and approved many republicans were upset.  Of course, those of us that will from this were ecstatic.  But, out of all the cruel and negative things that were being said only one person's opinion struck a nerve.  This came directly from a white co-worker that I have to inner-act with on a daily basis.  Beings as though she isn't considered middle or upper-class, one would think that she too would've been happy.  Instead, she expressed the opposite and was truly pissed.  When I asked why wouldn't she want to see everyone with health care she voiced her opinion.  She had the audacity to say that she as a tax payer shouldn't have to pay for junkies and street bum's medical expenses.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  She felt that a bum or a drug addict didn't deserve medical treatment because of their now circumstances.  Sad to say that two weeks ago her mother became very ill and the hospital is suggesting for her to be placed in a nursing home.  The ironic part is that she's unable to pay for her mother's medication because it's very expensive.  I say that to say this.  NEVER look down on anyone unless you are reaching your hand out to help them up.  

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