September 11, 2010

Obama's Needs A New Game Plan

Honestly, the Obama bashing is beyond being out of control. It seems that to a certain group of Americans, majority "white republicans" that no matter how good of job he is doing he still sucks as a president.  I mean come on this screams "RACISM" loud and clear.  These people haven't the slightest idea of how ignorant they sound.  They don't consider him as being a good president.  Who are they comparing him to?  I hope not George Bush.  If so, that clearly shows how much of an idiot they truly are.  What makes Bush a great president?  Wait let me answer that for you.  He was the first president with a known learning disability.  Or maybe, he was the first president to conquer the art of reading a children's storybook upside down during the very moment that innocent people were losing their lives.  This disgust me very much.  Then you have an idiot bigger than Bush.  We all know who that is.  Yes sir, Sarah Palin.  She has to be about the most ignorant racist in the world.  I'm sorry but a vice president whom thinks Africa is a country and not a continent is not a good look for not only a vice president but for smart women in general.  She thinks America is a city.  I took a few moments to post excerpts from many articles to show what type of people will be running our country if President Obama isn't  re-elected.  Then beneath the excerpts I posted what the President's next move should be.

The Republicans will make a case and a lot of independents will buy this argument. “Listen he just hasn’t been, look at the health care bill. It was his number one priority. It took him forever to get it through and he had to compromise it to death.” And a version of, “Listen he’s a nice person, he’s very articulate,” this is what’s been used against him, “but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.” quoted by Dan Rather.

In the hood, this would have been an assured ass whooping.

During President Obama's major health care speech on Wednesday, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R) yelled out "You lie!"  when the President said the legislation would not mandate coverage for undocumented immigrants.

The president's reaction was of a proud, tactful, black man.  He simply paused very briefly as if he was fighting to suppress the nigga in him from coming out.  Joe Wilson is a lucky man.  Because if the inner niggerism of President Obama came to surface that day it would have been an all out hood tongue lashing with an uppercut to  follow.  As a matter of fact, I am going to give you a taste of how this could have been.
President Obama looks over his shoulder at Vice President, Biden and gives him a look like "Did this mother fucker lose his mind?" 
Vice President, Biden returns the look that simply says "Yes he did"
 President Obama " You got one more motherfucking time to interrupt me when I am trying to give a speech and  I am going to beat your ass on live t.v. in front of this whole country.  Don't let this Brook Brothers suit fool you my man.

With all of this being said, I think that it is time for President Obama to put the degrees and the proud black man inside himself aside and bring out the "NIGGA"  Yes, he has earned that right.  I promise you that once he does that they will be off his back and a new found respect from Republicans will be born.  

As always I thank each and everyone of you that took the time out to visit my site and I look forward to seeing you here again.  Please, note that the funny contents of this post are just mere jokes.  By no means am I a racist .  May you be blessed, acknowledge your blessings and pass them on......Peace.......... 

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