September 26, 2010

Do You Think That Bishop Eddie Long is Being Treated Fair?

This morning I had the opportunity to fully read about the allegations on Bishop Eddie Long.  I am appalled of those who choose to name the four young men as liars and make statements about HIM being under attack. The truth is I'm not shocked by any of this. The only thing that shocked me about the whole ordeal is that it happened to be a black clergyman.  The reason why is because black families are very mute with certain issues such as "molestation".  Some of us believe that if we don't talk about it, it'll disappear.  Where as in a lot of white families when such things occur they address it, confront it, get counseling and move on.  At least, until they become a priest.  No pun intended.  Sadly, is that there are many black pastors out here who too are accused of the very same displeasing act Bishop Eddie Long is being accused of.  It almost feels as if his congregation worship the wrong being, (Bishop Eddie Long) when they should  worship  GOD.  We get so caught up in my pastor this, and my pastor that when at the same time losing focus on our  true being in the house of the Lord.  Let's not forget that not only is he a man of God.  But, he is a man.  The title in front of his name doesn't exempt him from doing foul unnatural things.  At this time, we should all be praying for peace and calmness after this storm for the victims/accusers, the Long family, and entire New Birth congregation.  Thanks so much for visiting and I welcome you to re-visit.  Peace.........................

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