June 6, 2010


As I am sitting here alone thinking I just busted out laughing.  You know us meaning "African Americans" will find a way around everything.  We put a lot of thought into things that we know is wrong just to get around doing the right thing.  For instance, income tax time.  We will go the extra mile to find three extra kids to claim as a dependent so that we could receive a hefty refund check.  We'll go to The Department Of Welfare and say that we had an one nightstand  in order to stop child support for our babies daddy.  We'll get the lady next door to falsify babysitting papers to pull a fast one over on CCIS.  I'm just saying that time and energy we put into all of this and much more it would've been much faster to do it the right way.  Just a thought.  Enjoy your day!  And thank you all so much for your support. 

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