June 19, 2010


Someone and I had a conversation about finding a mate.  She recently signed up for a Christian social dating network named, E-Harmony.  She currently has a few of interest that are compatible to her.  Personally, I can't really get into the social media networking thing.  It's too many men out here to pay a middle man to hook me up with someone who possibly lied about their financial status, looks, and sexual gratification experiences.  I can find my own broke, ugly, and lame two minute man in the sack.  Have you ever seen the tips some of these sights have to assist you in finding the perfect mate.  Read some of these tips listed below:

- Go to the gym during your lunch hour. Many professionals do this. Vary your lunch hour to see when the most singles are out there.

Who the hell wants to work out during there lunch period?  Exactly, going back to work all funky will do everything other than finding the perfect mate. You CAN NOT be all funky going around the gym questioning single men/women workout time.  Furthermore, your picture will be posted with the word pervert beneath.

  Take a camera and ask a good-looking stranger to take your picture. See what happens.

I am going to tell you exactly what's going to happen.  If you live in the hood, this is not advisable.  Because you will screw around and that good-looking stranger might steal your camera or phone.  You can't just walk up to folks asking them to take your picture.  Especially, if your mobile phone serves as your camera as well.

 Send a drink to a cute stranger in a bar or restaurant

You just can't start sending drinks to random attractive men/women in this era.  You'll mess around and get your ass kicked or arrested.  You're thinking that it's a kind gesture from your desperate ass and they'll think it's a mickey.  I strongly suggest NOT to do this.

- Get your hair done at a coed salon. Get to know the patrons. Ask your stylist if she has any clients who would be a match for you.

The hell with you.  Men you might not mind.  But, women if your shit is tore before the weave or your thoughts can be seen through your scalp DO NOT follow this tip.  Also, the majority of stylist are more screwed up in the relationship area than you are.  Hell, they're probably asking their other clients the same question that you are asking them.  This is an absolute no no.

Well, good people there you have it.  There were a few more tips suggested on the site but, I personally thought that they weren't worth anymore of your precious time.  Besides, I gave you the perfect reasons not to follow their advice.  Ladies if sex, financial stability, faith and an open ear is what your looking for in a man I have the answer for all of that. I need your complete attention on this.  Come very, very, close.  Purchase a dildo that is comfortable for fit, get a bottle of anointing oil from the mother of your church, and purchase a How To Make Money book from your local bookstore.  I guarantee if you do exactly what I suggested, you will have the perfect package of a man.  It will be a man with a perfect penis whom is saved, very much financially knowledgeable, and a great listener without interrupting you every time you speak.  Thank you so much for visiting and may you be blessed abundantly.  Peace......

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  1. Hi there. I really appreciate the points you made. I dont think Ive actually thought about it in that way. I can really appreciate how you approached the subject matter and what you said really gave me a new perspective. Thanks for taking the time to write this all out.


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