June 9, 2010

Mom Your Embarrassing Me

I'm quite sure that you all have your share of embarrassing childhood stories. Though, some of you will never admit it. Like those grade school pictures that your entire family would never put away or turquoise jumper that your mother thought was too cute. Mine is the foodstamp book. I absolutely hated the food stamp book with a passion. It seemed that no one volunteered to walk you to the store until,  your mother sent you with the foodstamp book. It was almost like a dog sniffing out embarrassment. Don't get me wrong I was very grateful. My Mother and Grandparents kept me fly. But, that didn't change my despise for foodstamps. The store would be extra crowded and I would let everyone get waited on before myself. You would never know what mood Ms. Helen, the cashier of Big H was in.  If you tried to be slick and take that 20.00 out the book she would call you out in front of the whole store by doing this, "WHERE IS THE BOOK?" See you could only use ones and fives without the book.  Also, if you had a note she would snatch it out your hand to read aloud. I even remember times that I would practically run out the store to see her running behind me shouting "HEY YOU FORGOT YOUR FOODSTAMP BOOK!!!!!!"   Well, one thing for certain is that I sure miss them foodstamps, now. Thank you guys so much for your support.  May you continue to be blessed abundantly.  Peace.........

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