June 10, 2010


Only Rocky is designed as a public forum that encourages freedom of speech and thought.  This blog doesn't discriminate against color, race, religion, sexual preference or any other thing that this cruel world would like for  us to hate. Unfortunately, this judgement wasn't used by certain others when visiting my site.  Although, I DON'T have to explain this I WILL.  I don't hate against Islam. My children father is Muslim.  However, I do have the right to not agree.  This doesn't make me a religious hater or Islamic basher.  I am an adult and I am a grown women.  If you aren't pleased with remarks that are made on my page or postings on my blog, I have a suggestion for you.  Come very very close.  "STOP REQUESTING MY FRIENDSHIP AND STAY THE FUCK OFF OF MY BLOG SITE!"  It's that simple.  FYI: GOD IS LOVE AND ALOT OF YOU ARE DISPLAYING HYPOCRISY'S.  I HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND YOU OR NO ONE ELSE HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE IT.  Thank you for following and may you still be blessed abundantly.

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