May 15, 2011

Cheating Celebrities

With all the ex-marital affairs and celebrity scandals it's easy to question the life of stardom.  Everywhere you turn from the tabloid magazine at the check out line to the following gossip sites on the Internet you're seeing something shady regarding a celebrity.  It's funny that we act surprised when we see or hear things.  But, in this post I know for a fact one of these celebrity's ex-marital affairs posted is going to shock the oxygen out of you.  Check out the following stories posted below.
For many years, The City of Philadelphia fell in love with Julius Erving a.k.a Dr.J.   I don't think no one can mention the 76ers without paying homage to Dr.J.  We are all  familiar with his ex-wife, Turquoise  Erving.  Yes, his ex-wife.  Allegedly, 1973 Dr.J had an adulterous affair with sportswriter, Samantha Stevenson.  This affair resulted in an out of marriage birth of tennis player, Alexandra Stevenson in 1980.  Although, Dr.Jay discreetly provided for her financially they didn't form a father and daughter relationship until many years later in her life.  But, the start of a cheater begin here.  In 2003, he and now wife, Dorys' Madden had a baby together while he was still married to Turquoise.  Of course, this will leave any woman devastated and to get revenge and assure alimony she allegedly leaked a sex tape of Dr.Jay and his mistress. I say that's an excellent pay back. 
In 1959, Raynoma Singleton then girlfriend to music mogul, Berry Gordy was a loose thread to holding Motown together.  She served as songwriter, background singer, and producer.  She also convinced Berry to start a publishing company that give them the ability to publish their own songs.  Of course, he took this as being a good idea and went forth with the project.  He decided to label the company "Jobete".  In January, 1959 Raynoma went Downtown Chicago to establish publishing partnership.  However, Mr.Gordy wasn't feeling the partnership.  Therefore, he ordered her to go back and change the paperwork.  His name is the only name he wanted on all papers.  She did so reluctantly but, will later miss out on millions.  Later the couple married and it didn't take long for Berry's infidelity to begin.  In fact, the first marital affair took place on their wedding night.  Raynoma thought she and he would enjoy their honeymoon night and he made plans to be with his mistress.  One evening while out bowling with Smokey Robinson's wife, Claudette they witnessed Berry, Smokey, and Margaret when they entered The Bowling Alley. Raynoma storms over to Margaret and says, "Listen bitch, what are you doing here with my husband?" Margaret became nervous when she sees the gleam of the pearl-handled .25 in Raynoma's pocket. Raynoma told her, "Get up now bitch, and walk out. Make one whimper and I'm going to blow you away."

They walked outside. Raynoma planned to bash the handle of her gun into Margaret's face, she raised her hand to strike but a pair of strong arms locked around her from behind. It was Smokey. I screamed "let me go," as Margaret ran down the street for her life.  Meanwhile, Berry glared at me from a distance.
Shortly after this incident, Berry and Raynoma divorced.
During the 70's, Al Green was one of the most successful singers in that time warp.  Hell, his hits are now sang along to by today's generation.  He was and still is very handsome.   The woman that would should change Al's life forever is the late, Mary Woodson.  Before his career got off the ground he was living with a older prostitute.  However, I'm uncertain about the level of their relationship.  While visiting another female friend in prison he met Mary.  

In October of 1974, Green was riding in a car with two women; everyone was having a good time until one of the passengers-Mary Woodson fell silent without explanation.  By the time Green pulled up to his home, Woodson refused to respond to any of his questions, after they entered the house, they had a big argument, Woodson stormed out of the room and went into the kitchen while Green decided to take a bath. 
Woodson burst in on the singer while he was taking a bath and poured hot boiling grits on his back, causing second and third degree burns.  She then shot herself dead.
Green was deeply shaken by the incident and vowed to devote more time to God.

Well, this concludes my infidelities in Hollywood.  Again, thank you very much for visiting my site.  May God continue to shine his love upon you...Peace.

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