May 20, 2011

Wendy William's Husband Isn't The First And Won't Be Last

Yesterday, I posted the now most talked about subject regarding famous talk show host's  allegedly having a long term affair with a transsexual.  Well, he isn't the first and I am positive he won't be the last.  Homosexuality has been popular in the entertainment industry for decades.  Honestly, the only reason this is a hot topic is because of whom his wife is and the celebrities that she accused of being gay.
Allegedly, "Gone With The Wind" actress Hattie McDanielTullulah Bankhead was in an undercover lesbian relationship with Tullulah Bankhead.  Tullah also carried out a relationship with the late, Billie Holliday.
Recording artist, Johnny Mathis was quoted in an interview with US People Magazine as saying "Homosexuality is a way of life that I have grown accustomed to".  He confirmed rumors of being sexually involved with a male saxophonist.  He has also been rumored to have been with gay actor, Tab Hunter.
Nell Ruth a.k.a. Nell Carter from T.V. show, Give Me A Break.  Was a known bisexual.  This tadbit of gossip wasn't released until after she died.
The point is don't be surprised of who you hear in the entertainment industry as being labeled gay.  I thank you guys so much for your support of my site.  Be blessed and pass the blessings on.....Peace.................

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