May 21, 2011

North Philly Love, Gavin and Reka

I don't know if it's just me that feel this way but, the black movies that deserve very much publicity don't get it.  I'm talking about the black movie that doesn't portray African American women as hoes and our strong black men as drug dealers, gangsters, murderers, etc..the list goes on.  How many people knew about the movie Mooz-lum?  Exactly, and that's about how long it stayed in the theaters.  For these movies to be a success we have to support and promote them.  There's a movie coming out soon that I know for a fact none of you know of.  It's about a black love story in your city, "Philadelphia".  Actually, North Philly to be exact.  Gavin and Reka is definitely a must see.  However, we must ensure that it's seen.  I want to share this with you and ask that you repost to your page.  Let your voice be the loudest voice heard. Thank you all so much for your consistent support...May God Bless You...Peace

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