May 17, 2011

Sneak Preview Of Basketball Wives Season 3, Bonus Clip of Love And Hip-Hop

I'm so excited to deliver this clipping of Basketball Wives Season 3 Premiere to you.  People this is going to be the show to see May 30, 2011. Evelyn has plans on selling Non-Factor T-Shirts.  Of Course, Tami isn't feeling that one bit.  Jennifer finally made the final step towards divorce and I'm not feeling that because either party looked as if they wanted to go through with the divorce.  There's a new chic on the show and her name is Khameka Claxton.  She is married to former NBA player, Speedy Claxton.  He happens to be a college scout for the Golden State Warriors.  Also, we are going to see a lot of Chad Ochocinco this season.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Royce has a new Boo.  Well, just watch and feel free to comment...

Now, everyone know that the best part of Reality Television is the bonus clips. I'm corny like that.  I love bonus scenes.  Check out the bonus scenes from Love and Hip-Hop. Oh and by the way I hate Jim Jones new haircut.

Thank you all so much for visiting my site from the bottom of my heart.  May God bless you in whatever you do....Peace....

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