May 24, 2011

Sammy Davis Jr. Two Step With The Devil

Not even a month ago I did a post on the Illuminati and celebrities that praise the Devil.  Well, I have no idea of how I let Sammy Davis Jr. slip through the cracks.  Sammy was introduced to satanism in 1968 after attending a party at the Factory Night Club.  He was unaware of what type of party it was when invited.  However, after witnessing people walking around with hoods and mask he made no exit to the door any sooner.  He witnessed a woman being sacrifice to Devil.  She was spread eagle on an alter with red covering.  We all know that the Devil thrives on flesh so this was an all out satanic orgy.  This intrigues Sammy and he shortly after joined the church of Satan.  Read article below featured in Vice Magazine.

In 1972, after several years of partying with hooded hedonists, Sammy decided to put all his eggs in Beelzebub’s basket by reinventing himself as the star of the first satanic sitcom. Though far worse ideas have made it onto network schedules, it is fair to say that the feature-length NBC pilot for Poor Devil (aired Valentine’s Day 1973) is genuinely fucked. Inverting the story of Clarence the angel from It’s A Wonderful Life, it features Davis as a bumbling coal-shoveling demon who is offered a chance to move up in hell (and to finally fuck Satan’s fine black secretary) if he can successfully procure the soul of a San Francisco accountant played by Jack Klugman. After 73 minutes of Sammy’s bumbling attempts to fulfill Klugman’s bitter revenge fantasies, the one-eyed devil with a heart of gold takes pity and lets his client out of his contract, returning to his sulfuric furnace with a comedic shrug.

Upon seeing Poor Devil, an excited Aquino drafted a letter to LaVey, calling the show a “magnificent commercial for the church.” It was decided to offer Davis an honorary second-degree Church of Satan membership. LaVey’s sorceress wife, Dianne, pondered, “Wonder what Mr. Davis would think about being a black, Jewish, Satanic Warlock?”

He apparently thought pretty well of it. Davis extended an invitation to a Bay Area concert, where he gleefully accepted a membership certificate, card, and a IIÞ Baphomet medallion, which he wore during his performance. After the show, Davis invited Aquino and LaVey’s daughter Karla to dinner, where he discussed his interest in the occult, and assured them that thePoor Devil shout-out was no coincidence. Soon after, LaVey himself struck up a friendship with Davis, who began appearing in public with a painted fingernail. When Sammy was in the Bay he would reserve front-row seats for LaVey’s entourage and flashed them the Sign of the Horns during the show. In private conversations, Davis revealed a deep, passionate interest in the Satanic philosophies and LaVey reportedly considered making him a senior official of the Church. 

But it was not to be. The first blow to the ascension of Satanic Sammy was Poor Devil not being picked up as a series because, in addition to sucking, the pilot reportedly received a good deal of protest from religious groups. One can only wonder what the series would have been like. Would Klugman continuously vacillate between heaven and hell, ultimately accepting Sammy as his satanic slave every week? Or would it be a series of celebrity soul-sellers, a Love Boat on the River Styx?

The world will never know, nor shall this mortal realm know what a Sammy-led Church of Satan might have wrought. Early on, LaVey decided to keep Davis’s entourage at arm’s length, branding Samala’s PR chief David Steinberg “a professional Jew” bent on separating Sammy from the Dark One. And by 1974, probably without Steinberg’s influence, Davis decided to move on. In Why Me? he offers that “one morning after a ‘coven’ that wasn’t all fun and games… I got some nail polish remover and I took off the red fingernail.” 

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