May 1, 2011

What Is The Story Behind The Move

Whenever the topic of the MOVE bombing is mentioned I can think back to being a little girl getting ready for Mr.David's funeral.  I can remember hearing my grandmother say "my Lord" in a light whisper.Then I remember our fist black mayor, Wilson Goode later taking full responsibility for the catastrophe.
For those who don't know what The Move is I am going to give it to  you brief.  If I misconstrue any information correct me.  The MOVE Organization  is a family of strong, serious, deeply committed revolutionaries founded by a wise perceptive, strategically, minded Black man named, John Africa.  They highly supported natural laws.  Meaning they had no regard for the laws that we as citizens try hard to abide by.  Basically, they're saying "Screw Man Made Laws" in so many words. Read between the lines.  Although, I respect their beliefs and think that it was totally heartless for a block to bombed and some of them killed I still think that they should had respected their neighbors as well.  Come on you can't be living in a home so foul that it's affecting those that live around you.  It had to be horrible for the City's Mayor to intervene.  No it had to be horrendous for City Hall to intervene, period.  But, after the bombing there were only two survivors.  Therefore, no one could tell you what they experienced at the moment of the bombing but, Ramona or Birdie Africa.  Birdie Africa now goes by the name of Michael Moses Ward, he was 13 yrs old when the tragedy taken place.


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