May 22, 2011

Who Did It Better

According to various fashion blogs and magazines two hip hop artist are labeled as being the top two best dressed in Urban Hip Hop.  There were actually five runner ups with Kanye West coming in second place and of course, Diddy number one.  But, as I was looking through various images of the two I came up with an idea to run a who did it better with both celebrities and two best dressed Philadelphians.  Through email and inboxes on Facebook many women took a vote which two of Philly's finest did it better.  With that being said one Philly's best dressed, Herbie from South Philly gave Diddy a run for his money and was voted best dressed.  O'Karim Odoms murdered Kanye West as well and made runner up. Now, I'm going to let you view and judge Philly's Finest.
I'm sorry but it gets no better than that.  Check out the detail of both white coats.  I don't know of too many men that can go against Diddy.  Herbie even demolished Diddy's swag.  I absolutely love it.
 Ooooooooo Karim from the streets of North Philly murdered each style that Kanye has worn.  Ladies, check out the Yves Saint Laurent bag.  Karim has definitely brought his "A" fashion game to the set.  I'm soooooo loving it.
Well, I know that this was short and different.  However, it was cute and fun. I thank you so much for supporting my site and ask that you view and support the following movie posted below.  This is right in the heart of North Philadelphia.  Be blessed all..Peace...

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