April 30, 2011

The Man In The Mirror

I know that a lot of my readers are growing tiresome with the archived articles and videos of our city.  However, "WE" meaning our community have a responsibility.  We have a responsibility to save our youth regardless.  If one child come across this site and read one of my post and it deters them from making bad choices, then I have succeeded.  If you were born in the mid 60's or late early 70's there's a possibility that someone either close to you or maybe it was you affected in some sort of way by drugs, crime, and cruelty as a result of what plagued the black community.  Some capitalize off these stories, some grow deep infatuation and began to emulate  the crimes committed, and others use it as a "What Not To Do" guide.  When I look at these documentaries and read certain stories regarding them, it forces me to look around me.  I look at my boys long and hard.  The reason why is because out of ten boys eight of them are Aaron Jones, Gregory Tutt, Bucky, Abdul, Sox, Goldie, Oz, Moochie, and many more who fell prey to these mean streets.  Also, don't let these corrupt politicians, racist, district attorneys, judges, and police off the hook that easy.  After viewing this video or if you read the book on The Philadelphia Black Mafia you will take notice that Legal Officials used these crimes they allegedly committed to further their career.  Specifically ones like the former district attorney, Lynne Abraham, now attorney, Jack McMahon, and former Philadelphia mayor, Frank Rizzo along with many others.   This group was largely comprised of Mosque Temple No.12 members in Philadelphia in the early to mid 1970's under the motto "Do For Self".  The group took that motto quite seriously as they wanted to keep the Black dollar in the Black community.  Some of the money was used to build schools such as Sister Clara Muhammad and other black owned business ventures in Philadelphia.

My only request to all readers is that you use this article as data to help someone do otherwise.  Instead, of holding your pocketbook when you walk past a crowd of black male teenagers, write down this link for them to view.  Realize that we need for our children to look in the mirror and proud of the reflection that they see.  Save our young Barack Obamas.  Thank you so much for visiting and may God bless you abundantly...Peace..

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