March 18, 2010


Last night, I was feeling myself around the blogsite and I stumbled across a blog posted from my cousin.  She dedicated this blog for a very dear friend of hers' that lost her mother.  Within seconds, I was crying and giving God thanks for the strong black women he has placed in my life and not until that very moment did I realize the purpose of the things that they have instored in me were for reasons.  I thank my Aunt Tine for introducing us to Christ at a young age and encouring the act of prayer.  When I was a little girl I can remember like it was yesterday my aunt would nudge us everytime it was alter call.  Alter call is when everyone who wants to commit their life to Christ as their personal savior or maybe just praying  for things that could be going on in their lives or others that calls for immediate prayer.  Anyway, I would say under my breath "How many times do I have to get saved?  I just got saved last Sunday and the Sunday before that."  I thank my mother, Fay because although she didn't go to church she forced me every Sunday to go.  "How she gonna make me go and she doesn't go her darn self?"  Of course, I didn't say this aloud.  My teeth would have been down my throat and I would've still had to go.  My cousin, Sara and I would hookie church on the Sundays that my aunt, which is their mother wouldn't go.  I so get now my grandmother, Emma Kearney all time favorite quote "Just Pray, Baby"  I hated that this would be her answer to everything.  You fell and broke your foot.  Just pray, baby.  You have a toothache, Just Pray Baby.  Last but not least, My cousin, godmother, best friend, direct line to God, prayer warrior, and most of all a beautiful, strong black woman.  I'll never forget the first time that I visited my cousin, Kissie in Atlanta and we were going to church.  I sat and watch this girl give a large amount to her tithes.  "You giving them that much?  Man, your pastor is a pimp."  I know that was so ignorant to say but as the title of blogsite says "Only Rocky" it's expected.  She laughed.  I later learned through her that it isn't what you give but that you give.  I love, love, love, U Kissie because even through blogging you are still giving.  Basically, I wanted to share with you what each of these women instored in me.  Now, I am going to reveal to you what God revealed to me last night.  Aunt Tine was teaching me how to pray and introducing me to who to pray to.  My mother, Fay was instilling in me the values of worshipping and revealing a place of shelter to run to when need be. Grandmom was making sure that I knew to pray about each and everything because nothing is considered trivial to God.  And You Kissie Hhm I can't say enough but, what you taught me is to give.  Not only to give but to give unselfishly and I too will be blessed.  So, thank you God for revealing this to me.  Thank you 4 beautiful, strong, black women for what you have shown and given of yourself.  Please, followers share and give thanks to the people who have made an impact on your life.  Post it and lets give thanks together.  Love you all for following me and I just had to give you all a serious topic.  I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. That was so nice Rock!

  2. Wow! You threw me with this one. I wasn't nearly as prepared as I should have been to read something so meaningful and humbling.

    That's how life is, Rocky, Lived forward but understood backward.

    I love how you were still able to incorporate your humor in such a piece. Since you said so many kind words about me, I'll let you slide this time with the grammatical errors. I make my biggest mistakes when I'm writing from the heart....but I do go back later to correct them!

    And don't try to retract anything because I'm being me. Only Kissie!

  3. I love this one cousin. Thank you so much for reminding us where our strength comes from. Tell the four women in your life I said hello. There are so many women in my life and the strongest one to me is my mom of course she truly holds it down for me like no other person on this Earth. I am grateful that GOD has lead us all on a path of love, laughter, peace and abundance that our good overflows to share with others in so many ways. Love you much stay you and continue to write,speak, and share.


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