March 31, 2010


I am coming across alot of stories from women about finding out their mates have suspect tendacies to be gay.  By know means am I a homophobic because we are all God's children.  But, I think that this down low crap is wrong.  You would be surprised to learn the number of men that are in heterosexual relationships that cheat with men behind their significant other's back.  That I think is unfair and selfish.  And the guys that are sleeping with other men would blow your mind.  I mean some of the thugish, finest, and toughest men are "in the closet homosexuals"  This makes me sick to the stomach because it should be the women's choice if she would like to commit to a man that is bisexual.  I know some of you that is reading this now is probably asking this very question "How could you find out that your man is bisexual or have gay tendacies?"  Therefore, I provided a few tips to answer your question below:

  1. Anal Check.  An anal check is while during foreplay you accidentally stick your finger up your mate's   rectum.  If he's hesitant at first but then allow you to do so.  Chances are that he thought about it or had it done before and didn't know how to ask you to do it.
  2. Anal Intercourse.  If your man is persistent about the two of you engaging in anal sex.  Like when he acts as if he almost entered the rectum by mistake and tries to coerce you into this sexual act.
  3. Gay Bashing.  This is when someone bashes someone because of their sexual preference that so happens to be gay.  We only spend much time commenting on things that we find to be important.
    4.  Feminine Gestures.  This is when your man gives off alot of female gestures.  Such as, crossing of the legs and swing them, talking with his hands, always have his hands on his hips, and etc.
    5.  Ackward Situations.  Now this one is a doozy because when your man is spending too much quality time with his best friend like last minute getaways, jealousy when their friend feels like he's being neglected, catching them in uncomfortable situations or scenerios that two men shouldn't do, and etc. 

Now, I provided you with a checklist and if your eye isn't black after an hour of lovemaking, argument after you accused him of wanting to enter the back door, him forbidding you to invite your best gay male friend over for dinner, upset that your godchild keep putting his hands on his hip, and refuse to go see a play with his bestfriend then congratulations because he is no where near being gay.

Thank you guys so much for following my blog and I welcome your opinions and support. 

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