March 14, 2010

Luv is Blind

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I hate when you break up with a guy and you see them months or maybe years later and you are like is that who I was in love with.  Once the blinders are off you start to see your ex-lovers' flaws and imperfections.  You suddenly realize that their eyes are crossed, breath smells like a pound of horse shit, belly looks as if he drank beer all day non-stop, teeth are yellow as the sun, credit is f'd up and the list goes on.  But, the truth of the matter is that he was always was a stank breath, forty drinking, cockeyed debo looking, grill having without the gold teeth bum! 
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  1. Ok we really are cousins girl if i could turn back time it would be amazing Even more amazing the good that like me are good the opposite of this the ones I decide to "love" are all of that above and then some just a complete mess


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