March 17, 2010


Alot of times things go bad in our relationship because we fail to realize that our significant other is what we and so many others looking from the outside is.  As women, we tend to make excuses for their slacking and etc.  We give answers and explanations for their flaws.  No, it isn't anyone place to judge or question your relationship but, at times we put them private moments on display.  I want you to read the following relationship accusations aloud and see for yourself how dumb we sound while saying them.
  1. He cheated because he THOUGHT that I was cheating on him.
  2. He leave sometimes because he has alot on his mind and doesn't want to take it out on me.
  3. I don't care if he cheats because he always come back to me in the end.
  4. Him and her are just real cool.  They are like brothers and sisters.  I think nothing of him walking around in boxers when she is visiting.
  5. He lost his phone.
  6. He let his battery die that's why it kept going to voicemail when I called.
  7. He just needed the money to make moves out of town.  He is gonna double that and give me 2(x)'s my income tax back.
  8. The movie tickets left in his rental was his homeboys'.  He let him hold the car.
  9. His mom hugged him that's why he has lipstick on his collar.  HaHa she was fixing his zipper too because there is lipstick on his drawers.
  10. My girlfriend is jealous of our relationship and he isn't coming back until I cut all ties with my friends.  They can't keep me warm at night.


  1. So many females fall for these lines. I can understand doing so in your youth, but once you hit a certain age, falling for this is just STUPID! Gotta love yourself, first!

  2. Ok so call me the dumb one especially on the phone one because mine just died yesterday how does that work it does go straight to voicemail. One through five I feel you although i lose my phone daily as well and then have to find it. seven through ten I feel you lol I get what you are saying we as females do have to open our eyes and stop holding to the dumb shit. deep inside we know when our man is lying and doing something even without the signs and the excuses we as women just know. in agreement with the other comment when we love ourselves first we wont settle for less and definitley not the dumb shit. Keep Rock'em cousin. i am with you


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