March 16, 2010


Have you ever went on a first date that was a disaster?  I'm talking about the dates that he/she turns you straight off.  It could be his /her aggresiveness, foul breath, too cool, fashion attire, and etc.  Well, I'd like to share one of man and I am asking that you leave one of your own.l  I met this guy and him and I communicated via telephone.  From conversations with the dude he seemed like he had his shit together.  A week later we made plans to catch a movie and go out to dinner.  During the movie he insisted on whispering his hot breath in my ear and placing his arm around my shoulders.  You know putting moves on me.  I would keep jerking away and I guess that this offended him because a few minutes later he said that he was going to the bathroom.  Fifthteen minutes pass and still he hasnt returned.  Now, I am worried that dude left me at the movies.  Therefore, I went outside and flagged down a cab.  After being in my home a couple hours, the bell alerts that I have a visitor.  Mr. Bathroom break must've forgot his hall pass becuase he came straight to me and asked why did I leave him at the movies.  I told him that he the one that left me.  These were his exact words.  "I was shitting from all this popcorn"  I'll never look at him the same again  Please follow this blog by
only rocky and twitter.  I really want to hear you guys dating disasters

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  1. Your story was hilarious! My story isn't that funny, but for all the nuts that took me out for dinner and a movie then hinted to have me for dessert were the horrible dates for me! It takes more than a meal or any monetary thing to have this! LOL


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