April 18, 2010


The summer of 1993, I met a beautiful person that would prove the saying "You Could Have All The Money In The World And Still Unhappy".  I was a bridesmaid in my uncle's wedding when I met this guy.  He was also in the wedding party.  He was nice looking but hardly the type of man that I would normally be attracted to.  But, his persona screamed power, strength, and money.  We gave each other eye contact throught the evening.  Next thing I know he was sending an associate of his to my table requesting my attention.  Probably, wasn't the proper thing to do but I went anyway.  Again he wasn't the type of guy that would grab my attention so when I descibe him you'll see why.  He had parts throught his hair and EK glasses.  Hey, don't judge me.  He and I exchanged phone numbers and made plans to hangout the next day.  First of all, he had a driver and an entourage.  He NEVER traveled alone.  If we went to the movies, there were four guys in the row behinds us.  If we went to dinner best believe someone was either outside the restaurant or nearby at another table.  Anyway, back to our date.  A well respected radio personality was having a party at their home and was his guest.  It was nice and remember I am 17yrs old at this time fresh out of high school.  I was in awe with what I seen. Later down the road I will soon learn that I accompanied him on a drug deal.  SMDH.... I was so young and naive back then.  Him and I kicked it on a regular from that point on and I start to notice how controlling and untrusting he was.  Not only was he displaying this behavior to me but, his friends and henchmen as well.  He would degrade them publicly if things weren't up to HIS standards.  Needless to say I distant myself from him completely.  A few years later, he called my grandmother and said how he want to end his life and the people in his complex as well.  Being the beautiful person that she is, she was able to persuade him to otherwise.  However, she called me and told me that he was a whole nutcase.  You see he had so much money but, yet and still he was miserable.  Someone always wanted something from him.  And he had a very genuine heart.  A few years later I found out that he passed from my uncle.  I felt bad because he had so much and still was unable to enjoy it or life without looking over his shoulder.  I dedicate this post to Ryan a.k.a. K-Rock 

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