April 4, 2010


Through the years I've had friends that came and left faster than a rainstorm.  Which is absolutely fine with me.  But, I also learned three facts that are proven to dismantle a friendship. Please read and post comments or add to this list below:
  1. Money.  Money is definitely the root to all evil.  Alot of friends part ways due to either borrowing or lending money.  If you need to borrow from a friend make sure to make good on the promise to pay them back because no matter the amount if you don't keep your word it will bite you in the ass.  The benefits for the lender is that you were able to weed a friend that meant you no good for a small amount.  I say you both made out good.
  2. Relationships.  Quite often we tend to volunteer information about our relationship to our friends.  But, we share more of the bad things than we do the good things.  When our friend comment on how ignorant or triphling our mate is we get upset.  We accuse them of judging us and sometimes say hurtful things blaming it on them as being jealous.  The solution to this is to stop discussing and volunteering information about your relationships altogether.  At the end of the day, he's still a dog and you lost a friend.  Also, if you guys start speaking again it will never be the same.  It can be eliminated by keeping your relationship off limits to family and friends for that matter.
  3. Gossip.  Everyone loves a good bit of gossip.  It's in the women's nature to be nosey.  We may not admit it but it's true.  But, if you confide in a friend and tell her its a secret and instruct to her not to tell anyone I guess that is how it should stay.  But, we always take it a step further.  No sooner than you guys depart, you're on the phone "Chile, I got something to tell you.  It's a secret so you can't tell anyone."  PAUSE, SLAP, SLAP, POW  If it is a secret why the hell are you telling me.  Keep it to yourself.  Not only is the secret going to be told but, it isn't going to end the way that you told the person because more is added to make it more juicy.
Well, this is just my take on things that can make a friendship go left.  Thank you for your support and I encourage you to comment.

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