April 17, 2010

Sexual Molestation Of A Dog

My mother has two little pekinese dogs that are her life. Her morning ritual is walking these dogs around the field before her day starts.  During this interaction she has made a few friends with other dogwalkers.  However, one particular friend she feels that she could do without.  His name is Rob and he 48yrs old and lives with his mother.  Rob also has the responsibility of walking his mother's poodle, Ollie.  I guess you can say that Rob is smitten with my mother.  He purposely walks his dog the same time that she does and have asked on numerous occassions if they could go on a date.  My mother doesn't like him but being the passive woman that she is, she accepted his phone number. Quite naturally this gives Rob reasons to believe that she is feeling him the same way. Rob called her over the summer and invited her to watch movies with him because his mother was out of town  Rewind..  Yes, if you remember I did mention that Rob lives with mother.  Needless to say, she declined respectfully.  Now here comes the funny part.  His dog which is a boy keep sexually assaulting her dog, Gizmo that is also a boy.  As soon as he encounter Giz, he goes into a humping marathon.  I know this is disgusting but, you haven't heard the worst yet.  The dog leaves Jizm on Giz's fur.  Somebody please share your views on both stalkers, Rob and Olliehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4V2KztbvvM.  Also, you can click on the link to hear an upclose interview with my mother while she is trying to duck Rob and her discuss on Ollie's molestation on Giz

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